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30 Nov 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi All.
I very much hope that somebody could help me here.

I've purchased Drayton Smart heating kit and today attempted to replace my current Honeywell hub with Drayton Heat Hub but unfortunately got stuck with wiring.

This is my current wiring for Honeywell hub.(There is a spare black wire behind the wallplate which hasn't been used. Maybe I need to use it in my new setup?)
And here is the wiring diagram for my current Honeywell hub.
Here is what Drayton are asking it to be on the new wallplate

What I've tried so far on the new wallplate.

N, L and earth obviously in their marked slots. (Always the same)
Linking L to Slot Nr.1 in new drayton wallplate (Always there)

Combination 1
ON (Slot nr.4) from honeywell in slot 4 in new drayton wallplate
OFF (Slot nr.1) from honeywell in slot 2 in new drayton wallplate

Combination 2
ON (Slot nr.4) from honeywell in slot 3 in new drayton wallplate
OFF (Slot nr.1) from honeywell in slot 2 in new drayton wallplate

Combination 3
ON (Slot nr.4) from honeywell in slot 3 in new drayton wallplate
OFF (Slot nr.1) from honeywell in slot 1 in new drayton wallplate

Whilst the hub worked perfectly fine with every combination and I could link my smart themorstats and room thermostats to it and get hot water. Despite turning on heating it would never actually turn on. Light would come on but boiler won't react to the 'command'.

What am I missing? Do I have to use the additional black wire which is tucked behind rest of them? Could that be the COM one that Drayton diagram suggests should be there?

Something that I thought is going to be very simple turned out to be a complete nightmare :)

Hope I described the problem enough for everybody to understand.
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I'm wondering if I've purchased the wrong Drayton Wiser Hub. I bought hot water and heating one however I only needed the Heating function.
This shouldn't really be a problem if I use One Channel setup/wiring tho right?
Digging deeper I just found a black wire in the back which is looped with the other black wire.
Wondering if that's the one that I need to use somehow?

Sorry if I'm not explaining things properly and it's hard to understand. English isn't my first language :(
I think I got it.
Black wire is the switched live which I was missing.
So basically what I need is Black wire in terminal 3 of new wallplate.
Link L to terminal 1
Ditch the grey and brown wires from terminals 1 and 4 of the old wallplate as they aren't required.

Confirmation of my trail of thought would be nice but I think I finally got it after reading through what it seemed like millions of threads on this forum :D
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You didn't give enough information for anyone to advise you.

To start with, details of your heating system would have been good. For example do you have a combi boiler that provides instantaneous hot water when the taps are opened and doesn't have a hot water cylinder. If so, then we would also need to know if it was wired for 230V control or 24v control. The one channel wiser is suitable for both voltages and is the correct wiser for this type of system. The two channel wiser can only provide 230V control and if connected to a 24v combi could cause expensive damage to it.

On the other hand you may have a hot water cylinder and a programmer for hot water and central heating control with motorised valves, in which case the two channel version would replace the existing programmer.
Thanks Stem.

I knew I would miss something and thank you for pointing it out. Hopefully below info will help :)

I do have a combi boiler indeed and it was wired to 230V control.

Also, quick update on what additionally I have tried since last update.

I found the switched live wire from boiler and connected it to terminal 3 on Drayton wallplate.
So now my wallplate looked like this
N - Neutral (2 wires. 1 From socket 1 to boiler)
L - Live (2 wires. 1 From socket 1 to boiler)
Terminal 1 - Linked from L
Terminal 2 - Empty
Terminal 3 - Switched live to boiler
Terminal 4 - Empty

Not sure if this is the case with all combi boilers but the one I have can store water pre-heated so that it delivers hot water straight away and you don't have to wait for it.
So Drayton hub has the hot water button which basically does just that and that option works flawlessly.
Heating however, no matter what I do doesn't work at all.

I'm wondering if I have made a mistake of ordering the wrong hub by thinking 'That extra feature won't harm' as it was only £3 more than the 'Heating only hub'

Apologies if I've missed anything.
The wiser install diagram for the 2 channel is misleading.

Terminal 3 is "HW ON".
Terminal 4 is "CH ON".

Also, the live is internally linked. There's no need to link to terminal 1, unlike the single channel which has a "Common" terminal.
That's just the thing
I need the 1 channel installation (CH only) but I bought the HW/CH unit.
Could that be causing an issue?
The N & L are a straightforward exchange.

If you are absolutely sure the boiler it is wired for 230V control via the external controls, and assuming that the existing installation is wired with the brown wire in Honeywell (4) as the switched live, then that brown wire will go to the two channel Wiser terminal (4) "CH ON" and the grey wire in (1) presently won't be connected to anything, as this connection is made internally inside the Wiser. In which case the grey wire should be isolated / insulated and tucked safely out of the way.

No connection should be made to wiser (3) that's for hot water control which you don't have.

I assume you realise you say that have purchased the two channel Wiser, but the wiring diagram you have posted is of the one channel. :confused: The connections are different.
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Thanks a lot stem!

I think that is what I was missing! I was treating my unit as a 1 channel unit when it's actually a 2 channel unit.
I will try to connect it all again tomorrow and put the switched live in terminal 4 which I didn't try today and see if that works.

Thanks again for all your help. if you're even in Tipton/Dudley send me a text! Beer's on me!
Just wanted to let you all know that your advise helped a lot!!! Thank you!

All installed, and been working for a week now.

Again, thank you all for your help

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