Fitting venetian blind - recess fitting - metal lintel

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5 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
I have ordered blinds to fit in a window recess. Because the window assembly includes a balcony door, I need to have 2 blinds side by side. Both blinds need to be fitted into the metal lintel at the top of the recess.

Now, this is a new property, and when I moved in, venetian blinds were already fitted on the kitchen window by the building contractor, which hang from the top of the recess - they drilled into the metal lintel. So, it can be done - I have living proof!!

My partner has decided he'll attempt fitting these blinds, but what sort of drill would I need? I know that builders don't necessarily use DIY type drills, but is it possible with a reasonable quality power drill? Or is this a job best left to the experts?
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a sharp one sprigs to mind.

masonary bit for..........the plaster, steel bit for lintel
Thanks for your reply. I suppose I ought to give some more detail about the construction. The metal lintel over the window is within a wall made of breeze block. The top of the recess (as in the "finishing" is plaster board. If that makes sense .... ;)

So, we'd be going into the plasterboard, then I assume we'd hit the metal lintel, and then into breeze block the other side of the lintel?

Masonry bit is no problem, I think we have those, but for the lintel? Do you recommend a cobalt bit, or something like that? How powerful a drill would we need? How many watts? Or does that matter? Is the drill bit the crucial thing?
A normal drill with a HSS drill bit should do the job, & as it will only be plasterboard I'de use it to go through that as well.
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Just to update you, we decided on another way. We attached wooden blocks to the window frame and hung the blinds from the blocks, which meant the blinds clear the window handles and the balcony door handle, and trickle vents. So, we decided in the end not to drill into the metal lintel, as it looked like it was going to be a very difficult task. Happy ever after :cool:

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