Nightmare fitting venetian blinds into Window Recess

15 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
Help Please!!

Trying to fit Venetian blinds into the window recess.

The gap between the plasterboard and lintel is too narrow for a hollow wall plug.

I've gone for drilling the lintel. I've tried drilling the concrete lintel with a masonry bit, but the hole in the plasterboard keeps getting bigger.

I've started with a 4mm bit and worked up to a 6mm bit. I'm using the red plugs. Trouble is the drill seems to go through the concrete and into an empty space.

I'm then having trouble pushing the wall plug into the hole and then lining up the screw and bracket.

Taken ages to get now where. And the windows now has 4 big holes.

Has anyone got another method of fitting these blinds?

Any advice much appreciated!!
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Are you using an sds drill, anything else will probably fail.?
You could glue a slim baton to the plasterboard and screw to that.Also piece of 6mm mdf cut to size and glued to top of the reveal will give a good fixing as well.Painted to match the walls will be almost invisible.
You can get short plasterboard plugs which are only about 30mm long.
I'm using a heavy duty non sds electric drill.
Not keen on gluing.
May give the short plasterboard plugs a go.
Needs an sds , go thru it like butter.
Gluing a sheet of timber on is probably the best option, no guarantee the plasterboard will hold given the repeated leverage from the blind.
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I’ve since found out that my window recess has plasterboard, a gap or dob and dab, followed by the metal lintel (a few mms thick). Above the lintel is a space. So I’ve got a few choices I think. Drill and use self-tappers or use another type of fixing device small hollow wall fixing with umbrella?

I’ve never used self-tappers before but heard some are of poor quality. I usually use screw fix but they don’t seem to do the longer self-tappers.

Any suggestions to the best solution?

Don’t really want to glue up a baton or drill the uvpc.
It's the old curse of dot & dab. Quick to shove up then a pain in the @RSE forever.
After having similar problems in a previous house.
When I moved to a new build I used no more nails and glued battens above every single window in the house.
Was easy from then onwards.

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