fixing shower screen to pvc cladding

16 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom

I am battening and cladding my bathroom and am installing a shower screen.Its basically hollow pvc cladding from b&Q.

Do i attach the screen to the battening, if so, how do i hide the batten ?

Or do i attach to the wall and loose an inch or so of screen in the pvc cladding.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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How do I fix it to the hollow PVC cladding though, I would need to fix through the cladding so something solid wouldn't I .but then I would have the space of the cladding between the shower screen bracket and the batten or wall ?
He means through the upvc into a batten. If you are fixing the cladding on then you must know where the battens are.
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I understand, but how do i breach the hollow gap of the cladding to reach the batten, if the screen sits on the cladding face. The cladding is 10mm thick ?

Sorry if i appear thick ! :(
Ahh OK so your cladding is something 'like this?


Poor choice of cladding there my friend! :(
Surely you're not cranking up the fixings though so just tight enough to secure the screen frame. Or what about inserting a timber batten down the inside of the relevant voids in the cladding prior to fitting?
What do u mean by cranking up the fixings ? It did cross my mind to do something with the timber as u suggest . How bad is this cladding,will it leak a lot ?
Cranking up? You just tighten the fixings up enough so that the shower screen frame is rigid enough and doesn't flop about over time. I don't know if that will compress the cladding though.

Or, you just cut out a little pocket in the cladding behind each fixing and shove an ickle spacer in. Then there'd be no pressure exerted on the upvc at all.

Can't answer about its effectiveness, never used it or seen it used in that environment. If you don't know isn't it a bit late to be worrying about it now though?
Cheers for the advice my friend. I wasn't worrying about it until you said "poor choice",now I worry !
I only mentioned poor choice in respect of the fixing anything into the subframe behind, you'll have this issue with mirrors, shelves, cabinets and anything else fixed to the wall. As mentioned can't speak about its viability in respect of its resistance to water spray/humidity etc.
Your are right it will be a ball ache retro fitting anything to it, if Indeed it is possible at all. Thanks for your time
When I first read your post I imagined you were using the thin stuff that's about 2mm thick designed for the job.

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