Flavel gas cooker flame supervision device.

23 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
I have a 1997 Flavel gas cooker (match-lit). The thermostat seems to work O.K., inasmuch as the flame is reduced after 15 mins. on gas mark 2 and then goes very low when "S" is set. The flame supervision device doesn't work inasmuch as a large(ish) flame comes on as soon as turned on and lit (I can live with that).
The problem is that the oven doesn't get hot enough on higher settings.I know this could be a fault with the thermostat. Could it also be a fault with the flame supervision device? Does the FSD have just two settings, low and full-on, and could it have a fault in the full-on position (similar to a faulty thermostat) such that a reduced flame results?
Which should I replace first?
(I can't remember whether the current high flame is the same as it used to be)
Supplementary questions. Can the thermostat on my cooker be adjusted? Would this require a new gasket/seal? Can this (the gasket)be bought separately?

Many thanks for any answers.
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You seem to be confusing the thermostat and the FSD. As you know the FSD should cause it to come on at min and go to high flame after a few seconds.

If the oven stays on high flame for 15 minutes then I would say it sounds as if its fine. Why quote it on setting "2"?

You can gas rate from meter ( see FAQ ) and compare that with makers specs.

But replacement of the unit needs a gas reg engineer.

You seem to be confusing the thermostat and the FSD. As you know the FSD should cause it to come on at min and go to high flame after a few seconds.
From what he is saying as I read it, the fsd isn't working as in it's on full rate from the word go, 1997 Flavel cookers did not have thermocouple systems they had low rate/high rate fsd's fitted.

As for the oven not getting hot enough it could be as simple as a blocked jet, you need an expert in to look though as Agile has said.
Your fsd is stuck in an open position hence large flame straight away but it may not be stuck in the fully open position which is why the oven is not getting hot on the higher settings.

When a cooker stat breaks it is usually in allowing the oven to get too hot as opposed to not hot enough.

Fault could be identified by doing a gas rate check on the oven but details of what the ovens output is may not be available without the original instruction book and even then it may not be in it
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To Agile.

First of all, thankyou for taking the trouble to reply.

I set the cooker to mark 2 (and then to "S") as that is what the instruction booklet advises to test the oven.

Thanks again.

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