Flow direction indicator on a soil pipe bend


19 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
I noticed this weekend that there is the word "Flow" and an arrow on a soil pipe bend, but it appears to be pointing the wrong way. Or am I reading this incorrectly, and it indicates where the flow should come from? Please educate me.

The plumber still has a few snags to sort out before final payment. Does this pipe need to be fitted so that the soil flows in the direction of the arrow? (It does not appear to leak, but there is a small leak where the upstairs bathroom connects to the soil stack in the photo.)
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Yes that is technically backwards, but not overly concerning as it's a glued fitting so it should be fine
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As long as there is a small fall between the bend and the T it will be reet.

Rub the writing off with some wet and dry sand paper.
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Doesn't it indicate the prefered direction which would be from spigot to pipe which almost eliminates the risk of something catching on the end of the spigot ?

But as said in this case probably not important.
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One point to note... it should have underground soil (orange) coming out of the ground for a few inches before going to black external.
I think you have that the wrong way round. The underground pipe will eventually go brittle above ground.
It's What I've been told by bco's - as external soil is not designed to be underground and can be corroded!
I thought it was because the underground stuff isn't UV protected so can go ontop.

I've seen it discoloured but can't ever remember seeing it failed.

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