Ford Focus 2010 - struggles to start from cold

8 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom

I have a 2010 Ford Focus with a bit of a problem. The car is 2 and a half years old and is due its first major service next week. I will be mentioning the problem to the service centre but wouldnt mind a few ideas as to what could be wrong so im armes with a few facts and not 'blind' so to speak.

Basically first thing in a morning or when its been stood for a good few hours the car really struggles to 'fire up'. It can be heard turning over but takes a good 3-4 seconds before it fires. Its just the initial start as if its only stood for a while after its been run then its fine-it seems to be when its been stood and everything has been allowed to cool down.

Any ideas on what this could be? I thought maybe the battery is the obvious one but surelly this should last more than a few years.........i guess the starter motor is a possible but seems peculiar its ok after everything is warmed up??

Thanks for any replies


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Unlikely to be the starter motor or the battery if it's turning over as usual. Is it petrol or diesel? Could be the glow plugs if the latter.
3-4 secs doesn't sound that bad to me. How long did it take before you noticed this? My '12 plate diesel Focus takes a few secs from cold or long standing but you don't say if your's is diesel or petrol?

Maybe a good service will sort it out - if it's a petrol motor perhaps the plugs are a bit iffy.
Well its always fired up straight away as soon as you turn the key so something has definetly changed in the last week.

A few interesting clues i have also noticed.............the tachometer also 'plays up' in that when the car eventually fires up, the needle sticks to zero revs and just 'bounces' around on that for 3 seconds or so.

Also there is a little circular light inbetween the coolant temperature gauge and the fuel gauge. I believe this has something to do with the imobiliser but im not sure on that. Normally when the car is off this light will flash intermitently every few seconds, when i first start the car up this light sometimes goes crazy and flashes very rapidly and randomly.......its never done this before but i cant seem to find out what it means.

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There has been quite a few dashboard failures on the Focus, everything from crazy read outs on the gauges to causing the engine to cut out.
I've no idea what is wrong with your car but I don't like the idea of the tacho needle not responding.
Please make sure your problem is registered with the service manager at the dealership, just in case the problem gets serious later.
John :)
thanks John

Im due the first major service this week so i will be booking it in and getting the problem fixed under warranty. I will let people know the outcome although if anyone has any input before then, please feel free to add to the post.

Just returning to finish the post off so maybe it will help someone in future.

One of the cells on the battery was dead which was causing the problems. Had a new battery fitted and all is well.

Thanks for the inputs.
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