Ford Focus Central Locking

17 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
Heres an interesting one for you all!

Today I went to lock the car (W reg Ford Focus 1.8) using the fob and it kept going to lock and then opening again - well thats what it sounded like anyway.

After playing around with the doors trying to get them to lock manually, I have found that if i lock the passenger door by using the inside button, then I can lock the rest of the car using the central locking. However if the passenger door is open and I havent pressed the button in then the rest of the central locking system will not lock. Weird?????????

Anyone ever experienced this or have any idea what might be wrong. I dont know a lot about cars and want to arm my self with some knowledge before I take it to a garage.
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Have seen it before when there is a wire broken so the central locking motor in the suspect door doesn't move, once the other locks have locked the one which hasn't calls for the other doors to open again. I suppose a faulty lock motor could cause a similar issue. One favourite place for a wire to break though is in the loom where it goes from the door to the bulkhead, think it might even be a plug.
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