Ford Focus st170 central and remote locking not working

8 Feb 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
I recently bought a 2004(53 plate) 3 door ford focus st170 and most things are running normally. however the central and remote locking are not working. remote locking does absolutely nothing. trying to lock the car manually from the drivers door, nothing happens( car does not lock). If i try and lock the car from the passenger side it tries to lock the doors but it sounds like the drivers door doesnt want to lock and causes both doors not to lock. This is really annoying as i have no way to lock my car and would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas on how to resolve the issue.
Many thanks,
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i would start by taking the drivers door panel off and lubricating the moving parts liberally, including the keyhole if it has one.
Wd40 is ok for this, i usually buy the gallon cans and mix with a small quantity of oil in a sprayer but any release type spray will do.
Operate the key in the lock as you are going along and see if it improves.
Ive removed the door panel and lubricated moving parts and no change. The locking mechinism in the drivers door is non responsive(electronically or manually by key). I think maybe the barrel for the lock in the drivers door may be broken. Any other suggestions as i dont understand why that would affect the central or remote locking?
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I have replaced the lock on the drivers door as i think it was busted. The car now locks and unlocks manually(using the key), however the strangest problem has arose. When the car is unlocked by the drivers door manually(as the remote locking still isnt working) the drivers door handle wont open the car, but when the car door has been opened( by climbin over the passenger seat to unlock the door) the handle on the outside WILL open the door. This has really confused me as all components now work with central locking except the drivers door handle when unlocked by the key. Any suggestions welcome,