Ford Focus Remote Locking Fault

4 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I had a problem with remote locking.

Remote wasnt working, I had to fix the remote. The remote locks the car and unlocks all the doors apart from the drivers door.

I have tried the turn the key in the ignition from position 0 to II 4 times in 6 seconds, and then press unlock and lock and the car will chime again.

This works fine, and after I have done this the drivers door will unlock with the others for the first time. If I then lock the car and try to unlock again, all the doors will open apart from the drivers door.

What is the problem with the remote locking not opening the drivers door?

Any help is appreciated

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i would check the wires in the rubber boot between car and door.
what would i be looking for and where is this boot?

what do i need to remove to get to the 'boot' ?
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open the door,look down and you will see a rubber gaitor(boot)within this is a bundh of wires,normally there strangled tight,so over time they can fray/break???
iirc it unscrews?but you best research that a bit more.

if this is the problem,then you will need to splice/repair the wires,by soldering etc and using heat shrink,or if like me lots of insulation tape, ;)