Ford Focus Zetec - Door lock problem

11 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
I have got door lock problem for my wife's 04 Ford Focus Zetec. When you lock either with the key or remote key the passenger side back door doesn’t lock. Rest of the 3 doors locks and unlocks perfectly. I tried pressing the lock button physically but that is struck and could not move either side. I have used WD40, but no luck. Any advice?
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1st check on the problem door in the rubber boot for frayed wires?fords are prone to this.
I did not get you.. can you please explain me in detail? Where is rubber boot?

Is this the problem with the remote key program?
open the door(the 1 which has the problem)look down to the middle and there you will see a rubber sleeve iirc it will unscrew,anyway in there are a bunch of wires that normally have been strangled,so every time the door opens/closes there is a potential problem of the wires fraying.hth.
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