ford focus isues with luggage release button



hi, i have an 03 ford focus 1.6LX.

today i replaced the fuse for my rear wiper as it kept blowing the fuse and failing. in the process i drained some water that had managed to get into the reversing light unit, which i suspect may have been why the wipers kept fusing.

anyhow, since doing this the only way to open the boot is manually with the key. the remote fob does still unlock/lock the car remotely but the luggage release switch on the dashboard and the key fob don't open the boot although it did work twice after i'd completed the repairs today. when i press the release switch on the dashboard there's a faint single click coming from the dashboard which strangely is the same click i got when trying to use the rear wiper when the fuse kept blowing. this is whats making me think i have a fuse problem with the boot release button.
i have searched through the internet and owners handbook to see if/where the fuse is located for the luggage release switch but there is no listing for it, not even as a shared fuse. could it be a fuse that has caused this problem too? is my only option to remove each fuse and check if it's blown or can someone tell me which number fuse is related to the boot??

i thought i may have dislodged a wire when removing the reversing light unit but looking at it now, the only wire in that area is the wire to the light unit. please help, it's driving me crazy. i guess i got used to the laziness of switches instead of the old fashioned way of using the key to open things. i would like to know how to fix this and if i may have inadvertently caused it.

what gets me is the boot was functioning after all the work i did and then suddenly stopped! i should point out that the rear wiper fuse is a 15amp and i replaced it like for like and it blew withing a minute of testing the wiper. so after i'd removed the water from the light i put a 20amp fuse in for the wiper which worked fine. i have since tried another 15amp fuse to see it that's why the boot isn't working but it made no difference, so if the boot does have a fuse it could be possible that by using a slightly higher fuse i have damaged another fuse???

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The problem with most Focus boot lid wiring is where it goes from the boot
to the main body of the car. Inside the black rubber boot.

Be careful and repair one wire at a time, as some boot lids have all the
wires the same colour, nasty.

Double check your fuses you may have one blown. Is there anything else
not working that may be on the same fuse?

The click is most likely the switch in the dash or the relay in the fuse box
closing the contacts.
hi thanks for that.. i checked that area this morning and found several wires had worn right through so at least i know that's my main problem. have decided to get an auto electrician on the job as soon as i have some money as i don't have a clue what i'm doing with electrics other than changing fuses/bulbs.
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