Ford fusion knocking sound

1 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, my cars making a strange noise, basicly when you pull away in first gear it kind of judders or knocking sound from the front.
You have to pull away real gentle for it not to happen but cant always do that, when you have to give is some gas it judders/knocks

Any ideas what can cause this?
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Is it a constant rat tat tat knocking noise or just a big 'clunk’?
Its not a rattle its like a juddering when pulling away, it goes as soon as soon as you come off the gas.

Its almost like a wheel spin, that kind of juddering
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I had the clutch done about 2 months ago so I don't think it could be that.
well I'd like to think not anyway!
I know it's kinda hard to diagnose over the internet I was wondering whether it could have been a common fault with them that I could fix myself
It isnt a common fault, but in the meantime check the driveshafts, in particular the CV joints that connect the driveshafts to the wheels. Any split boots and grease splash gives a clue towards their imminent demise.
Did this happen immediately after the clutch work?
John :)
Ok, CV joint problems manifest themselves by a knocking noise on full lock, which eventually knock all the time.....Id also check the tightness of the big driveshaft nuts on the hub.
Can you rock the engine easily from the top? Knackered engine mounts - as per MOT’s reply - can cause what you have, similarly the exhaust. Id check it out soonish though, starting with jacking up the front wheels and checking from there.
John :)
Ok thanks i will check them things on the weekend when i can do it with some light.
Ive not noticed it doing it on full lock, just pulling away
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