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17 Aug 2001
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United Kingdom
Some software changes have been made to the forum.

Please let me know if you experience any problems, you can reply to this topic or you can email me direct at [email protected]

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Thanks for letting me know - sorted now :)
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Is there an actual error with the search?
When clicking on 'Your posts' it used to come up with a list of posts to which I'd contributed with latest at the top but showing who was the last person to post in that thread. That was useful. Now it just comes up with a list of my own posts with no indication of who was the last person to post so unless you open the post, you don't know if someone's put something in that deserves a reply. The old version was much better.
Yes the old version of 'your posts' will be returning, it was affected and will be re-instated once the fault has been rectified :)
Recently when I reply to a post, it asks me to login. So I enter my details and click login and I get this

Ok thanks, I'll look into it.
As in gcol's post. Same has happened to me a number of times, including logging in to post this.
Hi trazor, hopefully by early next week.
Problem! the ignore button is where the quote button used to be. I keep clicking ignore! :( can the ignore button be moved? :LOL:
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