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sorry, perhaps i can't see the wood for the trees?

previously on diy not admin have said " i will let you know, should be" etc

in short it means tomorrow, and since tomorrow never comes.......

and i am still looking for my post with my wm
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I don't know whether it came up in the first page of the original search or not, but I found it on page 4 of the new search for hotpoint author breezer and limit to Appliances.

If you search for inside hotpoint and again author breezer and limit to Appliances it is on Page 1, 2nd result.

The fact that on the old search it was on the first page is purely coincidence, searching for the word 'hotpoint' gives a list of results that have to be ordered in some way, without a more specific search it isn't possible to order in anyway other than frequency of the word. Not even the magical Google can tell you want to find something that has a picture the inside of a hotpoint with the query 'hotpoint'.

As I mentioned previously the full index search will be ready tomorrow, it's indexing as we speak, but it does take around 8hrs.

HTH :)
That'll be the post :) , but you could only type "inside hotpoint" because you found it, i could not remember that bit

on the old search i typed hotpoint, and author as myself and chose appliances to seacrh
As it happens as a result of what you said before:

breezer said:
i want to find the post by me, that shows the inside of my old HP w/m

I searched for 'inside hotpoint' before 'hotpoint' as you said you couldn't find it under a search for 'hotpoint'. When I found it, I thought it must be there and so went back through the search for 'hotpoint' until I found it.
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Why can't you do a search of just general discussion anymore?

All the other forum categorys are there.
Yes, Softus is quite right, when the General Discussion is included, the search process degrades considerably. However now the Advanced Search is complete that allows a forum specific search (i.e. electrics, plumbing etc), I will build an index of General Discussion so that it can be searched from there. It will not be included in the general whole site search though, for the foreseeable future.
OK, thanks for explaining that. I just wondered if it had been an oversight that was all. :D
Out of interest, what are you using for search, from an end user POV, it's almost impossible to use at the moment.

If you aren't using sphix, you might want to look at it, it's performance is outstanding.
Thanks, I'll keep it in mind.

Why is it impossible to use? In what way?
I'm a bit perplexed by the occasional report of the search function being "worse than before", or "impossible to use" etc. I know it has changed, but to me it seems (a) more richly featured and (b) more successful in actually finding yer stuff.

As a lickle suggestion, maybe those who are having trouble could present their information as follows:

1. If it doesn't offer the method of searching that you want, then state the method of searching that you want that it doesn't offer.


2. If it searches how you want, but doesn't find what you need, then give an example of the search attributes that you're using.


3. If it finds what you need, but doesn't present it in the manner you like, then give an example of the search attributes AND the manner of results presentation that you would like.


4. Just whinge and moan and bleat and whinge some more and stomp your feet and have a little tantrum and berate someone who's doing their best to provide what you want but isn't being given much in the way of useful feedback.
RF Lighting said:
OK, thanks for explaining that. I just wondered if it had been an oversight that was all. :D

Just a quick note to say General Discussion can now be searched using the Advanced Search.

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