Hi JohnD, thanks for your recent post. Makes sense.

This morninging there was about a spoonful of water in the tray. But I will leave it as is, unplugged, for today.

It has all been cleaned and wiped dry. With the wiping dry I have done and inspecting it all as best as I could to make sure I have wiped all dry and leaving it now for at least another 24 hours, hopefully I will plug it in and turn it on tomorrow or Monday.

Will update here with any further happenings, but will post again once it is turned on and running. Fingers crossed, all will be well.

Thanks again, JohnD. Sagleo
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Hi JohnD, Hope you find this posting at some time. Some good news!

At 8:45 this morning I plugged in applicance and turned it on. I put the thermostat at 4 and turned on the fast freeze button.

At 1pm I turned off the fast freeze button, thermostat still at 4 and I put in a loaf of bread and some "cool blocks" from a picnic cool box.

At 4:30 the bread and cool blocks were frozen solid!
I do not know how long this took as this was the first time I opened the door since placing the bread there.

All that is good news and we are hopefull. However, the motor has been continuously running now since I first turned on the appliance this morning! Is this normal?

The "cool check" temperature gauge built into the second shelf of the refrigerator section still reads "too warm", and the refrigerator section does not seem to be that cool.

I have now put the thermostate up to 5 and the fast freeze button I have turned off.

However, I wonder how long we should leave it with the motor running continiously, because with this model we do understand that occasionally the thermostat should be turned to a lower setting to allow the appliance to go through its automatic defrosting cycle.

Perhaps with it having been turned off and completely defrosted, will it take many hours yet perhaps before all may be "normal".

I guess I now seek for advice on how long should I let the appliance motor continuously run before turning the thermostat to a lower number?

My wife and I are concerned that it will ice up again.

Your thoughts, advice and suggestions, JohnD, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. sagleo
the compresser or motor as you call it will run till it reaches temp ,up to 12 hrs after switching on, hence useing fast freeze .once fast freeze is off it will still run till its very cold - 25 in the freezer then the comp will kick in every few hrs for a little while ,dont panic im sure it will be ok you also must defrost fridge freezers every 6 months by swiching off for 24 hrs to clean and defrost :p
Hi rocks1, Thanks so much for posting this. Your thoughts have calmed us somewhat. So, it could take a few hours yet.

That's a new thought to us about switching off every six months. Must be honest, we have never done that! Makes sense and we will make that our plan.

We have the thermostat at 5 and fast freeze button your think that is an ok setting?

Thank again, rocks1, truly do appreciate your input both previous and most recent. sagleo
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5 is ok ,what does the manual say to put on default is normaly 3 ,on 5 takes a lot longer for comp to stop if you put it on 3 comp should stop once temp as set :) l
Hi rocks 1,

Thanks for response. Checked the manual, can't find what the default is recommended as being...just says " the intermediate postion is usually the most suitable" number 1 being min cold, number 6 being max. So you are correct with your advice of 3.

I have just switched it to number 3.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond and contribute your advice and suggestions. Am very grateful.

Will post again later if there is anything to report. If not will post tomorrow and give update. Our fingers are still crossed that all will be well.
Thank you very much, sagleo.
Hi rocks1 and JohnD

Good news to report! All appears to be working well. We had a concern yesterday that the comp was continuously running. As suggested by rocks1 we put the thermostat at 3 in the evening. A little later the comp had ceased running. We left it at 3.

This morning the comp is it must have turned itself back on again at some point...hope that's a good sign.

The cool check temp gauge inside the fridge section no longer reads "too warm" and is blank which is normal once the correct temp is reached. The bottles in the fridge are nicely cold.
Tester loaf in freezer section still frozen solid.

Looks like it is all up and running again :D

All the information, advice, suggestions received from the postings these past few days has been invaluable to us. Not to have to discard this appliance means so much to my wife and I, and a replacement would not have been possible.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you who responded. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experience.
Sincerely, sagleo
When mine failed (a "service" make) it was because the back had iced up & because all the freezer trays were full & we did not want to lose the food I had to remove that back plate (after un plugging) and chip the ice away as we did not have the time to leave it overnight. took a while to get it out but I managed without damaging anything else.

At least you know what to watch for in future now you have sorted yours.
Hi Mattylad,
Thanks for this, appreciate it. Thus far all seems to be doing ok. We took the plunge about half an hour ago and put in some fresh food in the freezer, we hope all will be well.

Thanks again for your contribution and sharing of information and experience. All postings were of value to me and I have learned many things. sagleo
once it is full of cold food (or tupperware boxes, or bricks) it will tend to maintain a stable cold temperature, so the motor will come on less often.

you might like to get a fridge/freezer thermometer, they are only a few pounds in shops that sell kitchen things, and hopefully it will give you good news.

BTW the first time I came across this, I did not know the solution, and my old mum bought a new FF and sent the old one to the tip.
Hi JohnD,
Thanks for your posting. More good news, fresh food we put in earlier this afternoon is already frozen. The motor does seem to be kicking on and off nicely. Seems we are back in business and all is going along well.

And, without a doubt that is due to yourself and the other members, who willingly and kindly shared advice, suggestions, experience and thoughts.

My wife and I are thankful and greatly appreciative for this help.
The freezer thermometer sounds like a good idea, John, worth us checking that out.

Thanks again JohnD.
Sincerely, sagleo

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