Front Door Letting in Draughts

8 Feb 2005
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United Kingdom
The cold air seems to get in all around the door. Especially if we have a real fire going, the draught sweep in through the front door and on into our living room. We've put up with it for a few years but with the forecast of a cold winter coming, it seems it might be best to get it sorted now.

I'm thinking that a new heavy duty front door might be the solution but was wondering the following..

1) What would it cost to get such a new front door and how long would it take a reputable company to measure and fit it?

2) How hard would it be for a DIY novice like myself (favourite expression.."why can't they just tell us what to do instead of providing these unfathomable drawings" - expletives deleted)

3) Assuming we end up keeping the door, what's the best way of getting the draught protection we need while still being able to open the door easily enough when required?

I'd be really grateful if anyone could give me the benefit of both their experience and time on this.

Many thanks

Brox :)
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Hi brox. The problem with ANY wood door is natural movement that can and will create draughts almost no matter what you do.
That said, obviously the better the door the less movement and draughts you will get.

Trade suppliers such as Howdens do a range of good quality hardwood doors for between approx £350 and £500, - please dont bother going to Focus etc. they're carp doors at over inflated prices. Any local chippie should be able to fit one. I personally charge a min £120 for hanging a h/w door as it is at least a days work to get a really snug fit.

As for draught proofing. The old "Canada" weather strip is excellent. This is basically an aluminium strip screwed to the door frame with a sort of roll (bubble) of rubber that fits to the outside door frame and pushes up against the door. This is a job you can do yourself, for about £20, and may well be worth trying. though you may still get a draught under the door. Go to a local builders merchants and they should be able to help (though probably not Jewsons)

Reagrding can you fit the door. Well yes you can, BUT I really do think it pays to get a chippie in to fit a hardwood door. ONE single mistake can ruin the appearance for ever(especially around a letterbox), and when you're forking out that kind of money for a door, Is it really wise to scrimp like that?
of Corse, the alternative is PVC-U which is almost guarenteed to prevent draughts.

If it's any consolation, my own front door is draughty - especially when we have the open fire going. Don't forget that flames will suck air in to be able to burn. Now, I really must fix that door! :LOL:

Forgat to say, that around here in rural Pembrokeshire my prices aren't very high. Depending on where you are Chippies may wel charge more.
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The reason its soooo bad when having a real fire, is the amount of air required it proves that your chimney is working, last year when I had a real fire the door wouldnt stay closed.
I'm not a chippie, just an ignorant householder. I fitted my hardwood front door, took me a lot of time and effort lifting it up and down for trial fits (I later weighed it, five and a half stone!). And I had to borrow sliding wedges and a bigger circular saw.

I later had similar doors and new frames fitted at the back of the house and garage, pro did it much quicker and neatly.

If you have preferred locks, bolts and door furniture, tell the fitter what it is in cas it complicates the job and affects the price. He may be planning to include something more economical and less beautiful.

For today, deal with the drafts. Furry "pile" draft stripping seems to let the door move more freely than rubber. And put on an inner letterbox flap. But you need enough air to get in and feed the fire.
If you're looking for an economical and simple way or reducing door draughts, you can fit a door curtain in a fairly heavy material. there are actualy special brass curtain rails made that will hinge open with the door, though they aren't often seen these days.
hi, just read all these and really interesting. My problem is my door is UPVC and leaks air. I do believe i was fitted by steve wonder, as the rear on does not even reach the top off the frame. Is there anyway to stop it letting in drafts, or is it just a new door and frame?
Take a look at Composite Doors.
They can come ready made to your colour, style and any hardware that you want on them..
Plus the company i work for make them to order in a 3-5 , but we only sell to other companies.
so you will have to find a window and door company and check them out.

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