Full-face respirators

11 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm the idiot who pulls off his protective gear half way through a job because it's just too awkward and uncomfortable. I decided it's time I got myself a decent respirator. I've the following afflictions:

1) I wear glasses
2) I sweat like a pig when I'm working
3) I have a beard

I do have a full-face respirator but it doesn't make a good seal and I have to take my glasses off, and I ended up never using the thing, so I decided I should get something with assisted airflow. I need the respirator for brick dust (from grinding), laying loft insulation and plaster removal (the worst one). I was hoping I wouldn't have to spend more than about £300, but I do want something that's going to last. If I have to pay more, I will.

There seem to be two main brands: 3M and Scott.

The 3M versaflo system from Axminster ends up at a whopping £538
And then you have to get the helmet and visor with the cheapest on costing £150.

It looks nice, and exactly what I want, but I'm wondering if there's a cheaper

The Scott T-5 visor/helmet costs about £100. They do a "T5 Ready Pack", but I couldn't find pricing on it which probably means it's expensive.

I would pipe the air in from somewhere else, because generally there's clean air about 10 metres away from the job, but I don't know if that's going to be too much aggravation,
but if it's a lot cheaper overall I might consider it.

I'd like to hear from anyone who's bought something like this and uses it on a regular basis. Are you happy with it? Does the draft of air on your face get annoying over time? Is it noisy? What's reliability like?

thanks for any advice,
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Over 20 years ago I had something like this when working in the cotton mill, when I had to clean out the filter rooms.

Wish I had one again, it was excellent.
Here you go.
I've got the earlier model and its fantastic, I'm fairly sure I bought it from Axminster as well.

Yeah, I looked at that and the price is about right, only problem is I'm not sure I want to fork out almost £300 for something that won't give asbestos protection. Maybe I'm just being too picky - don't need it now, but may do in the future. Still, I may go for this one in the end.

Edit: On 2nd thoughts, the Airshield reviews at Axminster don't look too good:
(I guess that applies to the latest model).
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As said I have the earlier model but never found it heavy or noisy and on hot days I like the cooling air over my face.

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