Galaxy 2-44 - Siren can't be turned off

6 Jul 2023
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Need some help with a recent issue, I was at home today without alarm being activated and a thunderstorm swept over, during the storm the internal siren went off, the keypad was not responsive so I had to remove the battery and then cut the power to alarm in order to get the siren silent.

After some time I tried to turn on the power to the alarm but the siren still comes on and the keypad is flashing with 15 stars and is not responsive. (Battery is still not connected) Any idea on what it could be and how to stop the siren from being activated?
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Is the alarm connected to an old copper phone line? If you've disconnected the 12v internal battery and powered off for say 20 seconds and on again and the panel still isn't booting, then the panel may have been damaged. The external SAB in the sounder should cut out after 15 minutes or so if it's sounding when you power up or remove power to the panel.
Thanks for the reply, yeah I've had it off for several hours, tried also to connect the battery back again but the panel keeps flashing with 15 stars. Not sure about the phone line, not something we use but alarm was installed when we bought the house and the house has the old phone line so it could very well be the case that the alarm is connected to it.
I've seen a couple of panel PCB's damaged by lightning strikes to the PSTN lines in the past. If no wiring has been damaged / touched, then the flashing stars are a sign that the PCB in the panel is not booting up to communicate with the keypad. The keypad shows the stars when no bus communication is taking place.
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Appriciate your help, given the conditions on when it happened and what the display is showing I'll take in a technician to have a look at it.

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