Galaxy 96 and RS485

9 Oct 2015
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United Kingdom
Hello all - I'm hoping you can help. The Galaxy 96 has 2x RS485 buses, on my setup one is for the MK7 keypad & the other is for the Ethernet module. I now wish to connect an RF Portal to the system which also uses the RS485, however both of mine are used up. I'm not sure what the easiest way to do this is? or even if its possible? Can you daisy chain different modules from one bus?

Any help appreciated.

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The GD96 supports 4 RF portals on either bus giving a max of 8. Adding additional portals expands the wireless range of the system.

The busses support multiple devices and device types. There is a restriction of the Ethernet module to the primary bus only. The devices are daisy chained, but there's nothing stopping the panel being in the middle of the chain as long as the termination jumper is removed and the devices at extremes of the chain are both terminated with 680Ω resistors.
Fantastic, got it working. It wasn't as difficult as I first thought it would be. Unfortunately now one of my PIR's is showing as +Masked, the alarm engineer came once before and it did the same thing, he initially said that I would need to replace the PIR and then he opened the PIR and by "miracle" (his words) it started working again.
For the price of wired PIR's, if it's playing up, best to swap out for new.
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One other thought on that is if the detector is one without in-built resistors, then it's worth checking that all resistor connections are sound.
Thanks GalaxyGuy, Ill check that tomorrow - the PIR's are DT7550UK2.

I hope you don't mind me asking a different question, I've spent the last few hours trying to suss this out. I have a Galaxy Dimension and have configured the TCC8M keyfob & RF Portal with it. Everything works fine, however one of the reasons for buying it was so that when we go upstairs to bed we can press the part set button on the keyfob. However, part set does the usual 30 sec audible countdown which is very loud and not good with young children who are already in bed. :) I've programmed the MK7 so that "B" does a silent part and this works a treat, however for the life of me I cant get the key fob to do a silent set instead of a part set?
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I don't think there's any way to stop that with the fob. Someone has mentioned in the past that there were ways to re-assign the fob keys, but I haven't seen anything in any doc or support info for that. As you've learned, there's the 'B' button silent, but that doesn't solve things for you.

One thing that I do in domestics with the Dimension, is to set output 99 (the onboard speaker) from Horn to strobe. This way, the loud internal speaker only sounds during an alarm or tamper situation. The keypads give the exit tones and can be adjusted to suit.
Thanks again GalaxyGuy. Such a shame it cant be reconfigured on the keyfob so that Part set does the Silent Part set. I have noticed in the instructions that came with the keyfob it states "Configuration is performed with a programming tool. Total, Annex or Total + Annex." I'm not sure what that exactly means and I couldn't find anything on Google.
I had been told that was applicable when used with the Domonial system. Not a lot of detail on this I'm afraid and I never use the Domonial systems.

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