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17 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom
I've upgraded from an old Galaxy 16+ panel to a Flex 50, and have a few questions that I can't find answers to in the manual..Hope somebody can help?

1. Following the unset procedure, the panel displays 0=OMIT ZONES, whereas I'd ideally like it to revert to the standard banner, rather than the programming)
I am wondering if this is to do with the level of user access linked with the code that I use to set / unset, and a code with a lower access level should be used.

2. Following the unset procedure (from full set), the horn sounds twice. Is there a way to defeat this?

3. Following the night set and unset procedure, the horn sounds twice. Is there a way to defeat this? (I'd like to use night set and unset when people may be sleeping)

4. When the alarm is part or fully set, the standard banner is displayed. I'd ideally like to set the banner to either say 'system armed' or to be blank. Is this possible?

5. The manual (ref 800-11184-01 rev A1) supplied with the panel (supplied on CD) does not match with the firmware (3.39) that was installed on the panel. An example is that the firmware includes a Night Set option that is not mentionned in the manual. Any ideas where I can find the correct manual?

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Jon, some answers:

1. Use the A or B key instead of the 'ent' key when unsetting. So, code then A and it will not enter the menu system.

2+3. I think you need to adjust the volume. Personally, I reprogram the horn output *99 to strobe or intruder. I use the adjustable keypad tones whsich are fine at night.

4. 58.8 should blank the keypad when set. This is against the regs as there shouldn't be visibility of set status

5. Email me for the latest manual which is for Flex & Flex+.
Thanks for the help, GalaxyGuy.

Re point 2, I wanted to keep sounder volume high so I can hear the front sensors activate the chime while at the back of the house.
I'll try programming the horn output to strobe as you suggest- may come back with questions if I get stuck with this!

Thanks for the pointer on 58.8; I did look at this function previously, but it seemed linked to groups, which i am not using. I'll investigate further!

Best regards,

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