Galaxy RIO outputs

9 Mar 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi, just wiring my Galaxy G2 with a third rio for the level and was wondering if it is possible to wire a roshni or two onto the rio outputs and set them to only activate on a smoke detector alarm

Thanks in advance - Josh
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The RIO outputs can sink 400mA, but you need to ensure that the power supply to the RIO and the cable length (voltage drop) are taken into account. If all is power supplies are sufficient, then set the RIO output to FIRE and it will do what you want.
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Hi thanks for the replies and sorry for the lateness on getting back to you, so by setting the rio output to fire, when the detector activates the sounder will activate but it has got to be below 400ma consumption per output or over all outputs?

and EightyTwo, its a low profile sounder 9-28v dc and 16mA consumption

Thanks, Josh
It's per output, but your issue would more likely be supply current to drive 4x400mA with a G2 panel and not the output transistors. A 16mA sounder shouldn't be a problem. Note that you will connect the sounder +V to the AUX supply and the -V will connect to the RIO output. The RIO output will be pulled down to 0V when the fire alarm is triggered.
What does the voltage do when no siren connected ?

When you are checking the voltage, the keypad should be displaying "Fire Alert!"

I just checked this out on output 1001 on a panel to ensure the polarity Etc. and it was fine. Ie. 12V when in alarm and 0v when not.
Everything you are doing looks correct. I will mimic your ext RIO setup on the bench later to validate with my hardware for you.

In the meantime, I would set the 4 outputs on RIO 102 to bell and then test them by enabling the bell test in order to check that the transistors are being switched on (Going to 0V) as expected.
Hi, set them all to bell and did a test and outputs 1,2 & 4 give a reading of 0.70v in the on or off state and o/p 3 gives 12.77v in the on or off state...

I have tried the fire output on 1001 and it works as it should and as expected, do you think it could be a faulty RIO?

Thanks, Josh
Would be very unusual to be faulty. Did you buy it new or used ?

I haven't had time to test the config for you yet. Will try to make time tonight.
Just to confirm that I tried the setup and can confirm that it works across all four outputs as expected.

Some things to check:

Check that your additional RIO is addressed properly on the bus. The LED on the RIO should have a short fast flash.

Check diags menu 61.2 that RIO 102 is at 100% comm's.
how strange... Thank you for checking and all the help you've given, just checked the address is at 2 and the comms are 100%, I'll try another unit tomorrow and if still no then I will just have to run a load of cable...

Thanks again, Josh

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