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24 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a garage with a pitched roof and i want to put a ceiling / suspended floor in to act as storage space. The external walls are single brick.

Question: Are speedy hangers sufficient to hang the joists from, if so what size and how far apart should they be spaced?

Regards zarni.
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More info needed.

Whats the existing roof construction.....trusses?
What centres are they at?
Span/pitch of the existing roof
Thickness and height of brick walls, a lot of people confuse a "single" brick wall with a half brick wall
Are you going to floor the roof space.......a ceiling just adds unecessary weight

Iyou have say a 3.0m wide garage you'll need something like 7x2 joists at 450 crs. to form a floor.
Thanks for the reply.

the width of the garage is quite narrow at 2.4 meters, length 4m, roof construction is of corregated asbestos sheeting (which i hope to plasterboard over), held in place by 4 timber trusses, 2 near the apex and 2 about half way down. pitch is circa 35 degrees.
Unlikely to create cieling at this stage, but may want to in the future.

And yes accept my apologies for being a thick, it is a half brick wall!!
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Can't see you getting much usable storage space with those dimensions with a double pitched roof your looking at only 800mm from eaves level to ridge.

Assuming that you have some usable height below the eaves level to create a floor then joist hangers could be used but I personally don't like fixing them to the face of a brick wall.

The BAT Maxi Speedy looks like the sort of thing your talking about. Problem is a half brick wall doesn't give you much to bolt into, all your expanding type anchor bolts require a set length of embedment into the wall. Also difficult to keep the supports level with each other.

A bit heath robinson but I would fix joists along the wall and clamp them right through the wall with long bolts then just build a conventional floor with timber to timber loist hangers.


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