Garden wall moved; what fixing for receiving gate bolt?

1 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
My wrought iron garden gate cannot close now because next door has rebuilt their garden wall and the wall is slightly further away.

The gate has a padbolt on it. The bolt itself used to fix into a hole in the neighbours wall. Now the wall is further away the bolt will not reach it.

The neighbour is happy to have a fixing for my gate on the wall so that it can be closed shut and padlocked if necessary.

What is the best way to do this? I have had a look at bolt fixings but most of the receivers need to be mounted at right angles to the wall, so I would need to screw on a lump of wood first so that the receiver can be mounted onto the side, which seems not to be a very elegant solution.
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Rather than a 'lump of wood', why not fix a timber of the same height as the gate to the wall, and fix the padbolt hardware to that? You could incorporate a timber stop for the gate to close against.

Or you could fix a length of square steel tube, if you can find some the right size, and drill that to take the padbolt. Paint to match the colour of the gate.
If security is and issue then use metal to fix to as the timber would be weaker.
how big is the gap?

I've got a 75x75 fence post bolted to the garage wall for the side gate. It's plenty strong enough. I put a piece of batten on it as a door stop. It does not touch the ground so will not rot from the bottom. It has a fence post cap top keep the rain out of the end-grain. It looks fine.

If your neighbour will let you drill through from his side, you can use galvanised coach bolts, with just a neat rounded head on his side (painted against rust) and the nuts pocketed into the post on your side. That avoids having a stub or nut sticking out of the wall that he might gouge his leg on.
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Thanks for responses.

The wall is about 2 or 3 inches further away.

I'm thinking of putting a steel plate with a link so that the whole gate can be chained closed for now

I think ideally a new bigger gate would be the best solution so the bolt can go into a new hole in the wall. The gate is really old

I'm loathed to reduce the width of the access with a whole length of timber as it's narrow enough anyway

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