Gas boiler checked but still smells of gas

As I tried to explain above, many people say they can smell gas when its not actually gas they are smelling. One we dealt with turned out to be an overheating fridge motor for example!

Cat left a dead mouse once that had me thinking there might be a gas leak, on the other had had an odd musty smell in a cupboard where there was a capped off gas connection and that actually DID turn out to be a leak. Guess noses aren't good.
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Thats a lot more encouraging!

However, I have not been there or seen anything myself!

If the CO detector is an electronic type with an audible alarm and its not sounding but showing the display and sounds when the test button is pressed then that would imply that the boiler is probably safe as it has not operated.

If its a spot then they are hardly ever looked at and most prople dont even know how to read them.

The NG engineer is only trained in very basic safety aspects and NOT in boilers. If he spots any suspicious aspects he shuts it off and tells you to get a boiler engineer to check it.

If the engineer who put the boiler back on left his details on a report sheet then it sounds as if he was confident to put his name to the safety of the boiler.

He would have primarily have been considering the boiler operation from a CO point of view and not specifically investigating a gas leakage.

As I tried to explain above, many people say they can smell gas when its not actually gas they are smelling. One we dealt with turned out to be an overheating fridge motor for example!


Thanks for that.

The CO detector is the electronic type and seems to be working properly.
The original gas engineer is revisiting tomorrow so I am giving the benefit of my doubt at the moment.
The smell of gas has gone since the gas has been shut off so it is definitely to do with that.
The NG engineer tested with a meter and a probe and came to the decision that it was not safe to have the gas back on surely he wouldn't have done that if the meter hadn't identified something.
Don't know what we'll do if the engineer comes tomorrow, says the boiler is safe and the smell returns!
Right, this is what you do when the guy calls tomorrow.

Ask him to show you his CORGI card. Check the date and the picture and also check the reverse to confirm he can work on boilers. If no to any of these requirements, call CORGI and talk to them. If the landlord gets stroppy, call HSE as gas leak is RIDDOR reportable.
is it DP why?

If is caused damage or injury, or been caused by an inappropriate fitting it would be but not just cos its leaking

or Have i got the wrong end of the stick again?

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Corgiman ,if someone has worked on it and not rectified the fault and then turned it back on then this would also be riddor and could be classed under bad workmanship amongst other things.

But lets not hang draw and quarter the guy before we know the outcome.

But i for one would not be leaving a customer a couple of days if they told me transco had said work i had done was dangerous and turned off again
cant wait to see the outcome of this better than corrie this is, when is this rgi coming back i would love to be there hiding in the attic watching hee hee hee

this is a long shot but if the burner pressure nipple has not been tightened or missing the smell would only appear when the gas boiler fires up.
Ok, an engineer from the same company came along and examined the boiler.

He said "The guy that came before must've been a Numpty"

He said that a gas valve was leaking, he is returning tomorrow with the part to repair.

I'll find out tomorrow exactly what it was.

Glad I took the advice on here, Thanks to all.
He said that a gas valve was leaking, he is returning tomorrow with the part to repair.

Whilst connections to gas valves often leak and sometimes they leak gas into the boiler, I have yet to come across a gas valve which is leaking "from the valve" itself. Of course the test point might just have been left loose.

I sometimes find gas firms are stitching up landlords to repair immaginary faults, putting the faults on themselves or replacing good parts!

You need to get more on the job experience agile leaking honeywell gas valves through the grey knob are quite common same as green push button valves ,the red and white ones as well.
Newer sit valves seldom leak
Ok, an update for anyone interested.

The engineer came yesterday and replaced four parts in the boiler, he said that it was a total waste of money as the boiler was so old, but the landlord had instructed him to do it as opposed to replacing the boiler.

He also said that there was no doubt that the boiler was dangerous and this has been reported tothe necessary people, he also intimated that the previous engineer had some questions to answer.

All is working fine now with no smell of gas. I don't think that the engineer made up any stories to elicit money from the landlord as he was just an employee for a larger company, so there was nothing to gain for him.

Don't suppose there is any need for me to report the issue to anyone now.

Thanks again for all replies.

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