Gas Engineer left a gas leak.

I'm not sure he did that before he left. I didn't watch him work.

He did use the spray after he came back which confirmed the leak straight away.

If Transco happy, then so should you be
If the engineer was negligent, Transco would have dealt with it

What punishment do you feel the engineer
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Transco do not exist anymore, when the gas transporter for your area unscrewed the test nipple it may very well have been them that caused the leak, these things happen.
If Transco happy, then so should you be
If the engineer was negligent, Transco would have dealt with it

What punishment do you feel the engineer

Transco Engineer said the Cooker engineer had been heavy handed and I left it at that.

Punishment? Read my previous posts. I just hope this was not negligent and something that could happen and I was lucky nothing came of it.
whilst running a gas meter exchange programme,it was found some gas meters leaked gas around the test nipple area,after contacting the meter manufacture they sent their technical guy out.
The gas leak was between the test nipple carrier and the gas meter casing.When reinserting and tightening the test nipple there was a tendency for the test nipple carrier to fractionally move and leak gas under the painted surfaces-which does not show up when checking with ldf :(.

Gas was detected via smell and confirmed with a gascoseeker.

The meter company supplied us with new design test nipple carriers and thread sealing compound which sets solid and binds the metals together,all in a days work :mrgreen:
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So had a problem with my dual fuel cooker - called the cooker company who arranged a visit by the engineer as it was under extended warranty.

The door on my oven was not shutting properly. Anyway the Engineer turned up and said sure needs a part and then checked the rest of the cooker. He said as the glass lid wasn't turning off the gas to the stove it was unsafe so disconnected the cooker. So in doing so he has to go and check the gas meter to check if the cooker has been disconnected properly.

Anyway he says all been disconnected fine and the cooker will repaired next week when he gets parts.

So about half an hour later I smell some gas. I follow it to the gas meter and it seems that gas is leaking from the little test valve / screw. I immediately call the cooker company and they get the engineer to call back and he comes back about an hour later.

He agrees and tries to tighten the screw/valve but the gas is still escaping so he calls Transco. Transco to their credit come out within 20 minutes and the guys says he will replace the meter as its safer than trying to just fix the valve.

So what should I do re the Cooker company and the engineer?

He come back and done his job. what doe want ? compensation?

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