Gas Safety checklist?

And to start an argument,a tightness test isn't one of the requirements.

true. but otherwise the integrity of the supply pipework has to be checked. if not visable then it cant be checked.

Only if the tenant says they can smell gas or the pipework appears damaged.
If it's not visible then it's not damaged.
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If it's not visible then it's not damaged.

Thats what the RGI thought when the flue in a void killed someone!

If its not visible then you cannot know its condition.
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imho, if you fail to carry out a tightness test, you haven't checked the safety of the installation. Failure to carry one out could be arguably considered negligence, particularly as you have been called in to provide an inspection. If there is a fault at least the landlord can now do something about it, or not. Once you have provided the evidence and he has signed the form he assumes responsibility after all. :rolleyes:
It's not mandatory nor negligent,the regs specifically state it's not required unless damage us visible or there's a smell of gas.
The minimum requirements for a CP 12 are those of 26(9) which doesnt include aTT.

Be careful as to what you dO normally and what are the regulations.
the sheet clearly states satisfactory tightness test,only a cowboy wouldn't carry a tightness test :D
A cp12 says lots of things,but only certain bits are required by the regs to be completed.
Only Someone who doesn't understand the regs would call someone a cowboy for working to the rules.
No point hiding it in the CC.

Gassafeeng is correct,Gsiur98 states it not mandatory but recommended.
Installation pipework isn't covered under a CP12.

Read the regs,page 65.
putting post on this in cc

Thought we sorted this out Adplumb ;) , see you've posted in the CC , TT when carrying out a LL cert is optional , so is a visual check , go look under GSIUR. are checking APPLIANCES ;)

LISTEN to the 2nd post in CC to which you posted (TT) , lcgs has it spot on , he's no fool. ;)

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