Glazing into Wood Frames?

29 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
What's the best way of fixing glazing into wooden frames? Both are externally beaded and so I want something as secure as possible to hold the glass in and make it difficult to remove.

I have one double glazed unit and the other is laminate glass.
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Bed the glass on either glazing tape, a neoprene double sided tape that comes in 1mm to 6mm, its your choice or bed the unit on a thin bead of clear glazing silicone, then once bedded fill the gap around the glass around 3 sides leaving the bottom clear to aid water drainage. Before you fit your beads put a thin bead of clear silicone on the face of the bead that touches the glass, don't over do it as any silicone on the wood will show up once you try to stain or paint, it just won't take
Thanks for the reply.

Is there anything else that can be used, to make it more secure? Like I say, it's beaded on the outside unfortunately, and I'm worried about security
the tape crank mentions is very secure. I've used it in wooden frames; once in place, I doubt I'd ever be able to get the glass out without breaking it. The adhesive sets permanent. And the tape will hold the shards in place to make life difficult for an intruder to reach in. You might possibly cut it away it with some kind of blade, working from inside. It's like a rubbery foam strip so it will cushion impacts a bit and prevent rattles. I find it makes a watertight seal (which plain beads don't).

it is available in different widths and thicknesses, so measure carefully. Mine is black, I have an idea you can get dark brown to help tone with stained hardwood.

Paint or varnish the rebate first so it sticks well.
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Ah right, I didn't realize it sets hard like that. I was thinking of something along the lines of Gripfill before, but if it sets securely as you say, it sounds great.

Where can it be bought locally? By that, I mean offline. I checked Screwfix and places like that, but none seem to stick it as far as I can tell.

Glazing tape can be bought at any branch of 'eurocell', consumable supplier to the glazing trade, every city will have a branch, bigger cities will have multiple branches.

Gripfill is totally the wrong product, it dries rock solid and won't allow for expansion/contraction, you'll probably find it won't even stick to the glass as there's no key for it.

Just to correct JohnD though, glazing tape doesn't set, it remains spongy throughout. A tip for you though, once you've stuck the tape on the rebate and peeled the backing paper off spray some glass cleaner on the exposed glue face, it'll let you slip and slide the glass around to centralise it, without that once the glass touches the tape it ain't coming off, you'd have to put a stanley knife through it from inside and start again, just a handy tip, once the glass cleaner evaporates the glue comes back and sticks
Sorry, I meant, the glue sets, not the tape. So you can't just peel it off easily or pull out the glass.
Thanks for the replies and the tip. I'll check out Eurocell when they open tomorrow, too.

One thing though, it seems like the glass could be removed fairly easily, considering it's just a tape. As you say a stanley knife will cut straight through it. Is there any product that will increase the security of it? I don't like exterior beads, but given I'm stuck with it, I was wondering if there's a way to make things more secure.
It is just tape your right, its also sometimes referred to as security tape, same thing, trust me once your glass is pushed against the tape and the tape has stuck to the frame then you aren't pulling the glass off it, even with a sucker. The only way to remove the glass is to cut through the tape from the inside, if a burglar was already inside to cut the tape then why would he want to remove the glass as hes in anyway
But wouldn't the tape just be cut from the outside? As I say, the beads are on the outside, so if they were removed, everything else would be vulnerable.
No the tape is hidden, you can't see the tape from the outside and you can't get to it to cut it from outside
Even with the beads off? Surely you would be able to then get to the edges of the glass and pry it out? I'll attach a photo to show what I mean.


That's the outside face of the door that you can see there. The beads will just go around edge. As you can see, it's pretty vulnerable if someone took the beads off.
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to my mind, that door has been fitted inside out.

From seeing how strongly the tape hols the glass into the rebate, I'd say that if you tried to pry it out in the way you describe, you wouldn't pry the glass out, but you would crack it, and then be faced with sharp shards.

It would be quicker and easier to smash the glass with a hammer. If laminated, this would take a number of blows.
Yeah, unfortunately it had to be beaded externally, due to the design on the back/inside.

The glass is laminated, so should be fairly secure against someone trying to smash it, I was more concerned with someone trying to pry it out. If the glazing tape is as strong as you say, I guess it should be alright.

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