Glow Warm economy plus wont fire up

5 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
hi all
last week my radiators started heating up whenever the hot water comes on. so i got an engineer in to fix the problem.
he said it was the motorized valve. he changed it and also put in a new 3 way unit ie the pipe the motorized unit sits on.
i also asked him to service the boiler, so he did.

now after this work, when ever the timer comes on for hot water or heating, the boiler just wont fire up (i only hear a hum). if i press the reset button on the bolier, it fires up and starts working. the next time the timer comes on , it does the same and wont fire the reset button and it starts working again.

i called the engineer back and he sent one of his workers to come and have a look. they tell me that they suspect the temp gauge on the boiler is turned up too high, as glow warms at prone to over heating.

i disagree with this, as the temp on the boiler has always been set at about 70% for the past 7 years with no issue. also if the temp was too high and therefore the boiler over heating, surely it will come on(cold start) and then switch off when it starts over heating.

the engineer tells me its nothing to do with the motorized valve change and service they did but am not convinced. the boiler has been working for the past few years with no issue and set to the same temperature that am now being told is too high.
am convinced its something to do with the change and service but hei, am not an expect.

can someone please give me some advise as to what might have gone wrong during/after the service leading to this problem? or what might be causing this?

many thanks
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