Glueing a garden hose to non standard tap?

11 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom

The tap I want to feed my hose from is non standard. I can get an 'okay' fit by pushing the plastic screwthread at the end of the hose onto the little plastic end of the tap. It feels reasonably tight but unfortunately the whole hose quickly shoots off the tap with even a little bit of water pressure when the other end of the hose is switched to the off position (which it regularly needs to be).

The lack of 'hold' is obviously made worse by the fact that there are only 20mm of materials in contact with each other and the area of contact is a screwthread against a flat surface.

So the dilema is 'what to do'?! Please don't say 'use another tap' or suchlike - this is the scenario I have to work with!

My initial thought is obviously to use glue (I'm happy to leave the hose on permanently). Which glue would you use to bond the parts bearing in mind the following:

It needs to be very strong / permanent / withstand high pressures
It needs to bond a hard plastic connector to a hard plastic end of tap
It needs to be waterproof

Superglue stands out as a first choice (although is it waterproof when dry?) but I have a reservation. If superglue is applied too thickly it becomes brittle / ineffective, but in this case it would need to be applied thickly to fill all the holes of the screwthread on the connector. Maybe an epoxy / something else would pad out / fix better?

'Answers on a postcard' please!
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Glue! :rolleyes:

Fit an outside tap and your hose will fit straight onto it with a jubilee clip. :D
<Please don't say 'use another tap' or suchlike - this is the scenario I have to work with!>
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:D That's exactly what I need! What would it called / searched for on Google? Thanks chrishut!

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