Glugging/gurgling bath trap

11 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
The following has only started to happen in the past few weeks.

In my bathroom the bath, shower (never used) and sink all share the same waste pipes. It's been this way since before I moved into the property about 10 years ago.

What I'm noticing is that every time I run the sink taps for more than a few seconds, the bath trap starts to glug and gurgle. This also goes on for a few seconds after the sink taps have been turned off.

If I use the bath tapes there is very little gurgling due to the water going down the trap, but as soon as I turn off the bath taps there is a little gurgling for a few seconds.

There's no smell.

The toilet flushes just fine (and doesn't initiate any gurgling).

The traps are draining okay (perhaps a little slower on the bath trap, but not excessively so).

The outside underground drain pipes are perfectly clear (these go to my septic tank).

I've dismantled the sink trap and that's clear, but I can't dismantle the bath trap due to the way that it's been plumbed in (some of the pipes are glued together, and the part that I CAN unscrew won't move enough to fully disconnect it due to the glued pipes).

Is this a job for a plumber, is there anything that I can do, or should I just put up with it?

Note: I did put some Mr Muscle down the bath trap - this helped a little and since then the gurgling hasn't been as bad, perhaps there is a build up of gunk in the bath waste pipes that the Mr Muscle isn't reaching?
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Wastepipes should be seperate to each Sanitaryware, however you might get over noise on Bath by fitting a deep seal trap about 75mm.

As you say, the waste pipes should be separate, but they've been like this for a long time and I'm wondering why the glugging should have only recently started.
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