Good compact boiler to fit within a 300mm deep cupboard?

5 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, first post here so Im probably going to miss out important facts as I dont really have any knowledge of the topic in the first place!

After finally getting planning permission for a kitchen extension, im thinking it would be the ideal time to replace the boiler (a 7 year old Bosch Worcester). My problem is Im desperatly trying to create a modern look to the new kitchen so hiding the boiler from sight would be what Im really after.

Does anyone know if there is a good quality unit available that would fit within a 300mm deep cupboard?

Ive looked at Bosch Greenstar and Vokera Unica (as these were recommended on another thread as being good units) but they are all too deep to be hidden in one of the cupboards.

Any help would be greatfully recieved,

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glow worm flexicom, intergas and remeha avantaplus are about the most compact; avoid Ideal and Vokera they are junk.
Are you looking for a combi? If not the Worcester Ri will fit.
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unless you have money to burn, you might do better to select a good boiler first, and then puzzle out how to fit it in.

Even my Viessmann Compact is 340mm deep, so I have put it in a corner and will have a slightly deeper wall cupboard next to it (one day) to blend in
think viesmann are releasing a more compact version of the 100, not sure of dimensions but worth investigating.
WOW :eek: That many replies within such a short timeframe wasnt expected. Thanks to all contributers for that.

It is a combi boiler. Im just wondering if the ultra compact ones compromise on reliability to get the size down - maybe Im actually better off just not worrying so much about hiding it away. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Easy really, when you think about it. Choose a top notch boiler, enjoy a trouble free use, and proudly show it to the world.
You get a nice small combi to fit in the cupboard, then you have to complain about the half dozen or so pipes that feed it - happens everytime :rolleyes:

Why not hide the whole shebang in a nice larder unit ;)
get a floor standing boiler and design it in like a washing machine? or move the boiler out of the kitchen completely ?

if it was me i would get a viessmann, they look nice(to me anyway) ansd only need 5mm clearance(if i remember right) on the sides so you could get cupboards fairly close . make a feature out of it. would rather look at a boiler then some fridge :rolleyes:
I have just fitted a Viessmann compact 100 and its smooth clean lines blends in with the cupboard unit being almost exactly the same height and depth as the front of the existing cupboards.

The client was impressed with the nice appearance of the unit and has no intention of hiding it.

the gas cock sticks out though, doesn't it?
The boiler is highly engineered with valves on each water connection but they give a far better variety of possible testing features than lesser boilers.

The gas cock valve is smaller than the flow and return heating valves.

on mine, the gas cock is visible sticking out of the bottom (so is the flexi hose for condensate) but nothing else shows. the flue and water pipes go out at the top above line of sight. I specified it should be fitted with the bottom of the boiler slightly above the bottoms of my wall cabs as I may want to make a matching enclosure.

I think I might put a false wall in the corner to hide the gas and condense pipes

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p.s. it doesn't look quite like that any more
The one I just fitted has a far smaller gas valve that that earlier (?) type.


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