Good compact boiler to fit within a 300mm deep cupboard?

:( it's about a year old

show us yer pics then!
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viessmann released a new compact heat-only last month that can have WC. it is so new that they have not updated the website yet. :LOL:

lucky you agile
Thanks again guys, I've decided to show it and be proud! :LOL:

Theres a nice gap between the wall mounted cupboards that is perfect but just not where I had envisaged it going originally.

So... (and is this opening a can of worms?!)...

Best combi boiler for a £1500 budget would be? The house is a largish three bed semi over three floors with around 11 rads if that makes a difference.

Have to say, our Bosch Worcester hasnt missed a beat since we have been there.

Thanks again,

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Sorry guys, I should have been more specific; £1500 for the unit and any add ons that are needed. I have the installation price included in my building quote (to install a boiler be it a new one or the old one).

I thought about keeping the Bosch but do these things take kindly to be moved and reinstalled (probably a stupid question!). :oops:

Then when I do need to replace it, wouldnt I have to break the tiled area it would be sitting on to change the pipes around for a different, new boiler?

Thanks again,

if you are fitting a new boiler on an old system, it is very important to have the old system thoroughly cleaned first, and preferably have a Magnaclean fitted on the Return pipe to catch the remaining black sediment (you can never get it all out). This can be done in advance of changing the boiler. Sediment will wear out the pump and may cause other problems, including choking radiators and reducing efficiency, and can block pipes.

OOI, the Viessmann has a heat exchanger made of coiled stainless steel tube, so is very resistant to corrosion, and, I would have thought, to sediment blockage. It is considered rather a good one, and I chose the 100 Compact (non-Combi) because it is relatively simple and has little to go wrong.
Had the same prob and this was the result after fitting a ultracom 30cxi.
Shows that with a bit of thought and planning no pipes and wiring need to be on show although I must admit I made the end cabinet that sites the boiler but any kitchen fitter that is worth his/her salt should do this in their stride.

also should add its not just a case of getting a combi boiler to fit in a 300mm deep wall unit (these are available) that is the problem but getting one that size that can provide the instant hot water power that you require is the issue.
Sorry guys, I should have been more specific; £1500 for the unit and any add ons that are needed...
£1500 in materials will suffice for the biggest WB CDI complete with Siemens wireless programmable roomstat and a magnaclean.

I thought about keeping the Bosch but do these things take kindly to be moved and reinstalled...
Hard to say without checking the machine on site, also depends what model it is. The CDI is pretty good, i-series and junior, I would not even consider moving
Raydar, how do you explain how the manufacturer's required access dimensions are met with your enclosure?

Particularly how will the plate heat exchanger be removed for cleaning/replacement?

Minimum boiler clearances have been met (infact exceeded). front door comes off with blum quick release catches.
front boiler cover can easilly come off after this.
Bottom and top panels also come off with no problem for axcess to filling loop and flue testing point.
Infact I can strip away all that cuboard if nessesary.
plate to plate heat exchanger comes out by removing outer and inner panels then removing 4 bolts. Then by lifting it up and over the top of the left hand hydroblock ???? whats the problem.

Only showing the OP that with a bit PLANNING and THOUGHT you can have a hidden boiler in your kitchen, why the negativity?

I only asked how adequate access can be obtained. You replied that all th panels can be removed which is fine.

Many boilers that I am asked to repair have been boxed in with cupboards which are not removable !

Well if you were not trying to nit pick I aplogise, its quite easy to become defensive on this forum mate.

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