good traffic wardens/***ts



I had a fabulous one in Lytham ....

I drove home behind my niece this week with her new car ..

she was worried about oil stains around the engine ...

mech nah its ok ...but not scene pal said

poultons industrial estate ...

mate Shamus bro ...carl has a second car garage cut/shut place ...
dont ask a pro, ask the MASTER ....
past ...

We ended back at nikkis flat ...
lytham one way street .. so I was on double yellows ...

a cuppa tee ...refuse

traffic wardens

as fast as I stumbled away awe like...away

back at the my car ..traffic wardens

this girl english speaking said I saw you go up
an let me off 20mins
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Good one's ??????????????

Nargh!,,,,, Try parkin outside a resteraunt, chipshop, take away when your workin, they get me every time...

Then again better than the last time I was down salford, came out to a ticket, smashed passanger window and no satnav.

which was hidden btw :evil: ........ :LOL:
Left the bracket on display or a mark on the screen? That's what the little scrotes look for...
No Simon, don't use a brkt. It was the charger left in the socket, they must have got that and had a route round.

Chinese bloke was surposed to be watchin the van. Ended up putting it on the invoice and he paid it :eek: :D
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After the other post last night, if I'd known you was coming up this way we could have met up for a drink!

I lived in Lytham for 3 years (now living just down the road from there), the traffic wardens there were complete and utter *!$!*s!!! There is no thought whatsoever for people who live in the town, all they want to do is issue tickets. I've had a few 'disputes' with them in the past. You were dead lucky to get let off - some of the 'blokes' are very unreasonable - I once asked one why he didn't have a proper job :LOL: !

They're a private firm who obviously set a target for the number of tickets to issue each year and must get a bonus or something for issuing more. It's killing the place off. :mad:
When I was in Lanzarote a few years ago, there was a row of bars / shops etc along the sea front, on a pedestrian promenade. At the furthest bar, the road was a 300 yard walk away. The delivery men never tried to pull their van down in front of the bars. They would always walk the 300 yards with their little trolleys full of cases of beer etc, quite happily, in the scorching sunshine.

How many delivery guys and white van men here go and find a legal car park, park up, and then WALK to their place of work? ;) Shows the difference in attitudes.
Maybe some countries are a bit stricter than us when it comes to enforcing parking regulations.

Saw this while on holiday

RF where was that ? Here in Germany they just pick up your car and take it away to a compound. I don't even want to think about what it costs to get it back ...... Kev...
What is that ?? Ferrari F1 pit crew in training maybe .... :LOL: :LOL:
clf-gas said:
No Simon, don't use a brkt. It was the charger left in the socket, they must have got that and had a route round.

Do you use a bluetooth connection on your SatNav? They just do a bluetooth search on thier mobiles and it comes up with "TomTom510".

Then they just wallop your window and look for it...

having a few beers my radar going , lol
a few good boozers in lytham was the big boddies big detached pub in the town centre, set by itself with gardens/greenery around forget name ...
an heading near out of town the hansom cabs ;)

an good boozers in stannes was the top bar ....
an the Vic .....;)

I used to work up there in my younger days on contracts :)
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