Google chrome issue

19 May 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a laptop running windows 11 it’s an MSI GF65 it’s got all the relevant updates. I have downloaded Chrome but it will not open, when I click on it the screen briefly refreshes and nothing happens. I have tried re-downloading I have checked anti virus and that’s not blocking it, I have tried suggested comparability changes and that has no effect. Any suggestions I may not have tried yet? Tried running as administrator but same issue screen briefly flashes but won’t open.

I have found a similar issue mentioned online here but none of the suggested issues work

Completely stumped by this.
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Sorry, I don't know how to fix your issue, but out of interest, have you tried to install any other browser?
Was there a particular reason you needed Chrome?
Both Opera, and even Microsoft Edge are Chrome based browsers beneath the surface anyway!
Hi yes there is, it’s to use an extension on a website which is only available in Chrome
So you're having problems running the installer, not actually using Chrome?

Have you checked Task Manager to see whether any Chrome processes are running? It's possible the installer is launching, but not getting to the point where it paints the window.

Have you tried running in safe mode?

Do you have similar issues with any other apps?

Have you checked the Windows logs for errors?
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Thanks no I need it for the extension to work, chrome has downloaded fine but will not open at all, no problems with other apps, it did show up in task manager and tried ending task but same result, not checked window logs or safe mode will try those