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9 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Has any one else tried using Google chrome on the forum yet?

Weird way it responds either that or my acid days are finally coming back to haunt me.
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Why would you even want google chrome? It's a browser full of age-old ideas wrapped up in a shiny corporate blanket, and it doesn't work properly.
Its secure, Its simple (like Me), images are downloaded really quick and look best I have seen (why I dont know) I have opened up the same image on mozilla IE and Chrome and Chrome knocks the pants off of the others, like the way it works I know is early days but will not be long before Dell PC world ect take it on and it will get better with the money they have got it has too...

I have swapped back to IE for the forums but use it on other things. it is just weird how it interacts with DIYnot spell check will not work even typing its like trying to use predictive text for the first time and every site you view is in the same font.
google uses the webkit render engine(apple also use it for safari), the browser is fast but there is lots of stuff to worry about in it. for example it stores all your passwords in the clear, meaning if you leave your pc alone someone can walk up to it and nick your passwords.

also there is some privacy concerns with google. like every thing you type in the address bar is sent back to google, does not matter if you stop half way through it sends every letter back as you type it.

when you install it, it installers/upgrades google updater in to every other browser you have(yes firefox and IE).

there is more stuff but i cant be arsed type at the mo

i am a bit of a tech head... :D
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Thats it I am going to burn my PC and cut the cables.

And change my password from technotim on all my bank accounts and all my logins swap my pin 1024 on my debit cards and all my logins.
Since installing Chrome my Firefox refuses to work (honestly). Bit annoye d at this.

Also when I first used it it said that DIYNOT was a dangerous site - something due to malware I think.
I have now uninstalled Chrome as it was trying to take over lots of my settings like changing my home page in IE7 to Google side bars popping up even when I was not online. :(

Thanks for the feed back Guys.

I should have known better. :rolleyes:
Dunno, but what has it got to do with plumbing and central heating?
On the first day that the Chrome beta was released, this is what clause 11.1 of the EULA stated:

11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights that you already hold in Content that you submit, post or display on or through the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content, you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive licence to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content that you submit, post or display on or through the Services. This licence is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services.

It was removed 24 hours after it first appeared but I wonder how many actually read it before clicking OK.
Also, if that was Googles intentions, then the facilities were in place to do it and who knows if they are still using them, and what they are keeping records of even now.


And, No I do not have it installed. I don't get paid to test beta products!
I did have it installed and found it worked well. No noticed ill-effects on the system or other browsers. It starts up almost instantly but I didn't think it loaded pages very much quicker than other browsers.

The way tabs are handled seems good. Each one is run as a separate isolated process. Drive-by malware picked up while browsing in one tab can't affect other tabs. Neither can it get to the computer's system and possibly install or read anything. Malware is deleted when the tab is closed. The feature is described as 'sandboxing'. If it works as it's said to, I reckon this is a good feature. That's not to say that the browser won't be vulnerable in other ways though.

I went back to Firefox in the end. Chrome doesn't have that choice of wonderful add-ons. Regarding the sandbox feature of Google Chrome, I run Firefox sandboxed via Sandboxie anyway, so that reduces the benefit of sandboxed tabs a bit.

Some of the drawbacks of Chrome read about here and there on the Internet are being addressed. This page describes what's in the updates:
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