Gravity fails my Whirlpool AWM822 Washing Machine!

6 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
I have an early model Whirlpool AWM822 Washing Machine, that has worked great until this week.

On the front top-left corner is the detergent dispenser, a kind of pull-out drawer with three sections; two for detergent, and one for fabric conditioner. (Drawer is removed in photo below)

At the appropriate time in the wash cycle, warm water flows through the dispenser taking liquid or powder with it into the tub.

The problem is that water from the drawer is not draining down into the tub, and instead all the inflow water from the drawer goes down and overflows down the front of the machine and onto the floor. :(

Gravity should just take the water into the tub. So I've removed the drawer and had a look and water has filled the small soupbowl-sized area below the drawer, and it isn't draining through the hole into the tub.

Click on this photo for a close-up view...

There is no apparent buildup of soap powder or anything, so the blockage must be further down, right? Does everyone agree it must be a blockage, or could there be another cause? (Is there a valve in there?!)

If a blockage, how to get in there? It's not apparent how to take it apart. Maybe I could use a stiff piece of plastic or drinking straw as a mini-snake to disturb a block of dried plug of soap powder I suspect could be in there.

:idea: I've thought to scoop and siphon the water out of the area below the drawer, and pour in some boiling water that could clear the blockage better.

Any other ideas? Does it have to be a blockage?

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yes blocked with soap powder tip mc back and put a kettle of hot water down there to melt the soap there is a tube that runs into the drum thats blocked.
you can prevent it in future by throwing the scoop of powder through the door instead of in the drawer. I have been doing that since I started having to clean out a relation's washer that had frequent accumulations of soap slime

Or you can use those tablets in a little string bag, or a liquid if you prefer.

I think blockages have got more common since washers stopped having hot fill

BTW it is more common with users who put in excessive amounts of powder.
put a kettle of hot water down there to melt the soap there is a tube that runs into the drum thats blocked.

I find I can now slide a slim plastic tube down the hole about 20 centimetres (8 inches), and when put pressure on it, the whole drum moves. I can make the drum rock back and forth quite nicely.

You would think that means the tube is no longer blocked, and yet... water still stands in the bowl area beneath where the detergent dispenser drawer would be!

Water gushes down this tube in normal use, but now it just stands there.

What else could be keeping the water from going down? I've tried rotating the drum and it turns easily.
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tilt the front feet back slightly yes the drum should rock you hit the bottom of the dispenser tube.

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