Guide for securing UPVC doors and windows appreciated

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screw. 50 seconds in. A better made corkscrew would do it better.

Haha! You must have a better class of crackhead if they bother picking locks! Learning how and carrying lockpicks!
Oh dear John, play fair now and show me a video of that happening to a ultion cylinder or an ABS avocet, I've shown you how your holy grail BS marked insurance approved sash lock can be opened, what you've shown is how poor a basic £10 euro cylinder can be, I've already conceded to you earlier on how bad these are......I've agreed with you but we've moved on from those cheap cylinders but you seem stuck in the past!

Do you want me to post a video on how easy 3 lever sash locks are to open or even a rim lock, how about how to slip a yale lock with some mica cards, heck I've even used a slither of plastic from a coke bottle to open a yale lock, maybe I can show you how to mickey mouse a yale lock that's been double locked, I've mickey moused plenty in my time, if you don't know what that is maybe London locksmiths will explain
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Show me a video of an ultion cylinder being opened by snapping, drilling, bumping or screwing not some cheap ass cylinder from the pound shop
door lock drilled out last night ... what can reasonably be done to secure a property from such attempts?

It depends. What sort of locks have you got?
  • Euro cylinder lock: upgrade to a 3-star cylinder from one of the better manufacturers, e.g. Kaba, Evva or Mul-T-Lock. I'd avoid UAP cylinders, as they're lower quality. Avocet and Ultion are both manufactured by a third party in Asia, with reports of quality problems recently, so I'd avoid them just for the moment.
  • Rim cylinder lock: upgrade to a rim cylinder from Kaba, Mul-T-Lock or Evva. Ensure either the rim lock meets BS3621 or the door also has a 5-lever mortice lock. A London bar will add useful security.
  • 5-lever mortice lock: any 5-lever should be OK, but locks to the latest British Standard are tested against drilling. A Kickstop DeadlockGuard or SashlockGuard will add considerable security. Either a London bar or a FrameGuard will add further, useful security.
  • As well as the lock, consider things like hinge bolts and sash jammers, depending what sort of doors you have. Hinge bolts are vital for any outward-opening doors.
For most uPVC doors its euro cylinder type. You must make sure the cylinder has British standard kite mark and BS numbering. That means that the cylinder its insurance approved and its in most cases Anti Snap,Anti drill, Anti Pick, Anti Bump.

I agree with all of London Locksmith's good advice apart from this. If you've got a euro cylinder, you must make sure it's got either a 3-star Kitemark or Sold Secure Diamond certification. (For euro cylinders specifically, the British Standard isn't fit for purpose.)
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