1. P

    Security for an External Oak Door

    Hi, I've had a 55mm thick oak door made by my joiner and he's asked me what hardware I want to use. I want to use the best I can find so does anyone have any recommendations? The house is mid-1700s so I don't want to go for anything that's obviously modern - e.g. Banham locks or anything...
  2. J

    Pyronix delta bell. Strobing but no sound?

    Hi all, Can someone help me. I have installed a new Pyronix enforcer 32 and a delta bell siren. The existing wiring was already in the walls. I’ve wired up as followed: Backlight Disable >>>> not used T >>>> Com on main panel T >>>> 0v on bell with 2k2 resistor Eng. Hold >>>> Not used Bell...
  3. J

    Window alarm that permits partial opening - exist or make - and how?

    uPVC outward-opening side hinged windows on ground floor. Would like to be able sleep with them open to say 100mm but an alarm sound if they are forced open (burglar) BEYOND this. I can't find a product that does this. ...So maybe a normal door chain (that can be unhooked for daytime full...
  4. A

    Security light replacement bulbs advice

    Hi I've a 6 year old b&q licina blooma security light which was using halogen bulbs. I bought some G9 bulbs hoping to replace the old halogen bulbs and went for these Hoping they would brighten...
  5. Angie S

    Premia 9 Help!

    Our Premia 9 burglar alarm is around 20 years old. We’ve just been woken up by the control panel beeping loudly and displaying battery fault error code- BF. Managed to silence it by pressing reset repeatedly but worried this will happen again overnight. Does anyone have the alarm user manual? Or...
  6. S

    Recommendations: new wireless system with sensor, camera and Google integration

    Hi About to move to a new property. Looking for a DIY system including cameras , sensors and ideally Google home integration. Sensors need to be pet friendly. Ideally predominantly wireless though will wire some elements of needed Recommendations appreciated.
  7. D

    Hikvision back-box conduit system

    Hi Guys and Girls, I've recently had a few dodgy characters looking around my property, so I'm adding a new turret camera to cover some more of my driveway. I want it to be at a low-level so I can easily pick-up faces of people entering in my property. (My current cameras give a great overview...
  8. I

    Honeywell Galaxy G3-48C - Call Alarm Co. Quote Code Problem

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone could help me... I've recently got a Honeywell Galaxy G3-48C System However when I power the system on, there is a consent buzzing noise from the keypad. When I look at the keypad display it's displaying "Call Alarm Co. Quote Code 71105*" *Different code on...
  9. A

    External Security Gate Building Reg Brochures

    Dear All, I am having some trouble trying to figure out and eventually design the right width for an external security metal gate for a student housing complex. The UK building regulations which I am looking into do not seem to particularly indicate the allowed clearance so that ambulances and...
  10. Careful_Bodger

    Metal re-inforcing in uPVC sash window - how far into corner to drill?

    So, if I wanted to add sash jammers or restricters, say, how far does the metal section run into the corner (usually) to ensure the fixings locate into it? I read somewhere that during profile welding, the metal does not run all the way into the corner, which is fair enough, but how far? TIA
  11. M

    Outside Gate - Locking from outside only, combination lock

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has a nifty solution for the above. It's the only entry point to the back garden. Two situations I want to cover: 1) convenience - it's the main exit route from house to car with armfuls of babies and supplies, a thumb turn would be fine but don't want to fart about...
  12. DaPanda

    Has my neighbour taken over my Drayton SCR?

    Hi, I have a Drayton Digitstat+RF thermostat synced with an SCR unit connected to a Worcester combi-boiler. This has worked fine for several years, but for the past few weeks the boiler goes on and off independently of our thermostat. When the boiler is off, raising our thermostat above room...
  13. swebb99

    Thoughts on latest wireless security cams ?

    Hello, my road seems to be going through a bit of a crime spell a the moment so I am considering security options. One things I would really like is a wireless security cam system, possibly with a speaker I could talk out of if I spot some scum trying to get in. There are so many systems around...
  14. swebb99

    Secure lock for 35mm internal oak door

    Hi I have a xljoinery internal oak door fitted in my garage between it and an side extension. Ideally I would like to have a 5 level sash lock in the door for an extra bit of security but I'm really not sure it one would fit. A typical 5 level lock requires a hole of 16-15mm width and a face...
  15. F

    I didn't feel secure when I saw this today help!

    Hi guys, I just moved into a new place and I am slowly decorating and uncovering slowly but surely odd works that look like they need to be properly redone. Or they seem covered up. the walls simply crumble away it's quite alarming it's like there has been flood damage or something like...
  16. S

    Texecom premier

    ive recently changed router and it has a different ip range to the previous one. My texecom premier was setup as a static ip. I need to change it to dhcp so I can see it on the network and thn be able to integrate it to my home automation. Do I need to crash the alarm and thn reprogram it from...
  17. D

    Wired CCTV in through Granite house

    Evening all I am looking to install a wired CCTV kit but an struggling to route the cables due to the build of our house. The external walls are granite and almost 2' thick so drilling a 30mm + hose would be a pita. I though of routing the wires through the loft out a vent but having been up...
  18. B

    Guide for securing UPVC doors and windows appreciated

    Hello all, Self-explanatory. Neighbour had (house) rear door lock drilled out last night (car theft attempt, trying to get in, to get keys). What with this sort of thing, what can reasonably be done to secure a property from such attempts? TIA :)
  19. eveares

    Mysterious Device - ATG Bollard Access Device?

    Have always wondered what these things are in my local town center. I think they are something to do with local barrier/bollard control according to the website below. Maybe they are RFID card readers. There is two of them, always lit up red, spaced about 5-10 meters...
  20. eveares

    Ad-hock/Clip on Security Light Switch - Genius or Dumb?

    So was looking through a nauticalia catalogue and saw this item, a security timer light switch that fits over a normal existing UK light switch and does not require any re-wiring of the existing light switch. Advertised as being compatible with single, double and triple light switches. Just...