1. Isaachierro

    intercom bpt yc/200 handset replace

    hello, i have a faulty bpt yc/200 faulty handset, i just moved to a building and i figured out my intercom is not working propertly, when someone buzz my aparment number my handset doesnt buzz at all (im newbie but i must tell i didnt see any speaker inside my intercom handset, ill add you some...
  2. S

    Moved in - New Alarm Required.

    Hiya, I've just bought a place and it's got no alarm system. I urgently require a wired alarm that I can install myself to cover the whole of ground floor as well as the garage. I have some basic education of installing an alarm, but I'd rather be sceptical and say that I know very little...
  3. M

    Wireless alarms

    Hello all, I'm looking at installing a wireless alarm, I know a wired version is better but its just not convenient for me to start lifting carpets and floorboards hence the wireless choice. I'm not looking to install a cheap system, I just want a good one. The three I have read most about...
  4. T

    Survey: Value of Smart Home Services (University of Stuttgart)

    Dear Community, my name is Tobias and I'm studying business administration at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. We are investigating a so far scarcely treated research topic and therefore need your help: We aim to understand the customers’ use value perceptions of Smart Home Services. In...
  5. B

    Help, building a fence on retaining wall

    Hi I recently had some problems with a scumbag, so I need to sort out my garden fence that backs onto a lane. The stone retaining wall goes up to ground level, then a small flimsy panels sits on top with small posts behind. I'm thinking a standard 6ft fence with aris rails like the ones...
  6. compact

    Can you recognise my alarm and tell me how to reset it?

    We've had our alarm working for a while now, however after some work on the house it won't set itself. When we arm it, it normally beeps quickly, then slows beeping when you leave, however it doesn't seem to set itself on.. Here it is, if anyone can give me the name and/or point me towards a...