Gun barrel repair

1 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi there
My mums heating starting filling with air at a rapid rate recently.
Had a look and decided there wad a pretty bad leak under the floor.
After a bit of investigating located the leak... Under 4 inches if concrete under a wooden floor.
Anyway I excavated it today and have a nice hole dug around the leak. Basically it's old corroded gunbarrel and it's split about an inch and the pipe is pretty bad nick.
I need to repair this somehow so she has heat bac till the spring and then I'll run new pipes all round as these are down 40 years.
So is there any GRP type products I can coat the pipe with??
I believe there are clamp type products aswell??
Basically I'm wondering what my options are
I could also plug the pipe and just lose that one rad. But again what to plug it with.
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There is a repair clamp with a curved cover and a rubber sheet to create the seal.

Its only suitable as a temporary repair though.

Cheers Tony.
Are you aware of any tape systems??
I'm sure I came across one before where you activated the tape befoe you wrapped it around leak and it formed a grp when it went off.
I'm hesitant to put ackamp in it as I fear the pipe will crumple.
The clamp works!

I have never seen an external repair system that has worked on a pressurised system.

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The clamp will work, if the pipe is too bad to fit the clamp then its time to change the pipe now.

Got an epoxy tape today.
Before I applied it I got a wire brush to the pipe and it all but disintegrated.

Anyway I've the epoxy stuff on now so I'll see tomorrow if it's holding pressure.. I reckon it will but I'm fearful of an elbow closeby not holding up.

I'd say I'll end up plugging the pipe to get her through the next two months then look at new system. Noticed today there ain't even a vent / overflow to the F & E tank!!

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