GX Remote app not connecting

17 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I have not used this app for a while and typical that when i come to use it, it doesnt work.
I'm using the correct IP address and connected to the same network the alarm is on. Im using user 1 with the correct pin and no password (not set in system) but it just comes up with "lost connectivity with panel, Please try to reconnect"
I have power cycled the ethernet module as i read on another thread but it didnt make a difference. Direct access is also enabled.

Is it my error or have they broken the app with an update?

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Are the 3 LED's illuminated on the module. Can you ping the module from a pc on the network or a ping app on the phone ?
Yes, Green solid, Amber and Green flashing on the module.
I can also ping the alarm IP from a computer and iPhone fine.
Access also set for 'Any Time' in menu 56.4. I cannot think of anything else that could be causing issues. The Flex firmware has been updated a few times though. Which version are you using ? 'Menu -> Display -> System'.
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Yes, also set to any time. Firmware is 3.18.

If i were logging in from the manager, what user ID would that be? From memory its 23 but that doesnt seem to work either.
Thanks for your help.
Yes 23. Can you check that the module comm's in menu 60.1.6 is at 100%.
Is this panel on SelfMon ? If so, I can take a look if you want.
61.1.6 is 100% CM04 V1.02

The system is not setup on selfmon. Is this somthing that is still supported? I looked at doing it yesterday but wanted to set up the new sensor first.
Yes, Flex is supported on SelfMon. PM me if you want me to attempt to connect to your panel to see if it's the phone app or panel that has the issue.
Sorry, I feel so stupid. I have the app working now. For some reason my router changed the alarms IP address even though i have the mac address reserved! I have changed this in the router and now the app works using the same details as before.

Thanks for your help.
Now that i have the app working and the alarm connected to selfmon, when i assume my internet connection drops out, the keypad starts beeping as it did at 2am last night!
I have checked the event log in selfmon and it shows:
2016-12-15 02:13:51

02:09:00 Phone line Trouble. Phone line report line. + HB FailCOM

There are lots of them and then a few of these:
2016-12-15 03:08:20

03:07:00 Automatic test Automatic communication test report. AUTOTEST REC.1-Ethernet

Is there any way to stop the beeping if the connection drops out? I'm not popular with the rest of the household today...

Amazon's European platform had an issue last night (first outage in 658 days). I have been working on this since early this morning. Emails have been sent to customers.

There's a setting on the recent Flex firmware 3.18 and above:
51.90 - Comm's Fault Supression
Oh ok, I thought it was strange as my heating system normaly messages me to tell me it lost connection also but didn't this time. I was half asleep to think about that so just cancelled the error.
Great, i'm on 3.18 so will find that and turn it off. I will get an e-mail to say there is a fault anyway so no need for the beeps.


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