Hairline Cracks................

1 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom

I have cut some holes in the ceiling( they are large square holes for speakers) I noticed after that there was around 3 or 4 hairline cracks near where I have cut out the plaster board, They are not strait cracks, so not the board joints, they are the Zig Zag type, and I have looked it is the skim and not the board cracked.

I have found the end of all of them and placed a tiny pilot drill in to stop them chasing any longer.

What is best to fill a crack like this?

Some say just a standard filler, as they should not move again.

Some say a flexible filler put on with a wet spatula ( can you put normal filler on top if you don’t get it flush?)

Thank you

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Whatever you use I reckon is going to end up showing..ordinary filler might crack again, you get a lot of movment in a fact caulk might crack too.

Id use ordinarly filler and then line the ceiling

This is not the other cracks I was talking about, but where I had cut holes.

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sounds like the plaster has blown where you disturbed it cutting the holes..Or. You got the bass up on the speakers :LOL: :?: I would'nt worry too much as long as they are, only hairline. Polyfilla interior is good for this. Dont leave too much on surrounding areas.. myself I press a dollop into the crack and scrape off with me filling knife leaving no filla on surrounding area.. when it goes off a bit you may notice the filla shrinks into the crack. simply fill it again it wont shrink again and no sanding required.. ;)
good luck .

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