Hanging punch bag on ceiling joist of garage? PICs

28 Dec 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,

I'm looking to get a punch bag and hang it on the ceiling joist area, I havent bought the bag yet but looking between 20-40kg bag. This is what my garage ceiling look like:




Ceiling joists are 3.5cm width, 8cm height and approx 5m length each but it seems its 4m + 1m as its joined by this metal mesh thing.

You can see the first picture, it has a plank of wood going across all the joist, this plank is 2cm height and 9cm width, the next one goes across 3 joists and so does the 3rd one with similar thickness.

Would either of the 3 planks be good enough to hold the weight of the 20-40kg punch bag? most likely i'll be getting a 20-30kg bag, i'm 70kg one of the joint can hold my weight as i hung from it to test lol

Can anyone recommend me a good ceiling bracket or will the ones that come with the punch bag be good enough?
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the trouble is they are truss rafters they are designed for purpose as in support roof and a bit off plasterboard

my thoughts are assuming 600 centers buy 3 sheets off 12mm ply 2 sheets long ways across 5 rafters [0/600/1200/1800/2400]forming a square then half a sheet centrally in the middle
now this may seem ott but the greater area you spread across the less chance off damage or cracking
What about sistering the bottom of the truss either side with two 3x1.5" beams?
Just about understood that lol

So you think the current 1 plank across the 5/6 rafters is not good enough?

So can someone in layman turns tell me what I need to do, if it's too much work just to hang a 20-30kg bag when it's in use then I might consider getting a standalone mount but don't want that due to space.
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I wouldn't hang a bag on them mate. It might hold your weight for a few minutes without signs of strain but a 20kg bag on it permanently might affect it and they are only meant to hold the roof up.

I'm not a builder but I thought you might be able to put two planks of the same size either side of the the bottom of the truss and bolt through them (sistering) to strengthen it enough to hang the bag. But I'd wait on smarter heads to chip in.
Well the bag wasn't going to be left hanging when not in use, prob in use 2 hours daily. Yea I'll see if someone can give me another opinion.

I don't mind adding wood ontop but not under as the lights are in the way.
if you do add timbers on top fix the bag to that if you put it through a truss it will not only weaken the truss it will try and swing the truss like a pendulum possibly causing failure off the cord [bottom part off truss]or fixings[plates holding trusses together]
i guess its too much of a risk installing on the rafters as I dont want the roof to fall! Ok what about getting a wall bracket?

I'm looking at this one which can hold 200kg (has chin up bar too):

You can see the brick work in the garage from the pictures, not sure if its a cavity wall but what do you think? The wall I want to do it on is on my side of the house.

I guess thats a better solution?
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look at the door frame does it look like 1 brick thick or 3 bricks thick
i'm not sure where to check, the wall i want is actually the side of my house.

the door to get into the garage is 1 or 2 brick thing from memory but those arent the walls the bracket will be fitted on.

I'm not at home at the moment but the pattern on the brick indicated I can have cavity insulation, are these walls not suitable? its a 12 year old house.

if you can tell me another way to check, i can look when i get home tonight, currently on a business trip.
Into the wall will be 100% fine mate, cavity or not. Just make sure you get your fixing points as close to the middle of the brick as you can (not into mortar joints)
I had a look and I think it's just 1 brick. Is this still safe to install a wall bracket for a 20-30kg bag? Also my weight for chin ups using the above bracket?

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