23 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
i recently installed a salamander pump to power my new power shower and rectify my low hot water pressure. after a short time, the pump started becoming very noisy and cutting out and eventually stopped completely. after closer investigation, the hot water pipe coming out of the pump, into the shower was blocked behind the gause on the shower to prevent any solid items travelling inside your shower. it was like plastic shavings and after even closer investigation, it was the disc inside my salamander pump at the hot water side had been causing friction when spinning around and actually shaving the disc on the inside of the pump. i thought perhaps my hot water was too hot, and tried lowering it to 45 degrees, but the pump didnt work at all because vertually no water was going through the pump due to my very low water pressure. i ended up telling salamander the pump was faulty (because i thought it was) and i was sent a new one. now the new one has started doing the same. so it must be a problem with the way it is plumbed in?? can anyone tell me what is wrong please and how to fix it?? :cry:
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i know thats the manual, but it doesnt specify anywhere my problem. there is no troubleshooting section
So are you saying the pump is installed as per the manufacturers instructions. Does the water pressure to your pump comply?
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hi there, have been reading the exchanges re the pressure dropping etc & have similar!!

New bathroom, new pump/shower etc but we dont even get water!! Our plumber was very new and cannot fix so we have a Co booked in to trouble shoot but in 6 days time!!

We find when the shower is off overnight that no water comes out at all - no noise nothing. Then last few days in the afternoon its worked - today nothing all day!

We have 15mm pipes & have non return (gate) vales on both tanks and he did say about putting the CWT higher but that didnt make sense to us! We also have auto air values between the tanks & the pump & they were c3feet away from the pump so we thought it may be sucking air in but today he has moved them further away & now nothing works.

please can you help as we have been 2wks now without a decent shower (working that is, we have had to go to friends for a shower!) and have another week nearly before anyone can come & have a look!!

I hope you don't pay this 5 day course cowboy :rolleyes:

He hasn't got a clue.

Start by reading the manufacturers instructions.....they normally tell you everything to know.

Salamander, Stuart Turner, Techflow all have excellent advice on their sites.
I am surprised after 5 years nobody posted the answer to Vickie's original enquiry. Also surprised 5 years on Salamander are still shipping defective impellers! See my post elsewhere and I repeat here:

"Now I was a "happy bunny" for 3 years after installing a Salamander RPH50 in the holiday cottage we let during the Summers. I installed it. I don't want to offend any plumbers who read this but I wanted the job done right and needed to ensure it had a trouble-free operation. I'm an experienced graduate mechanical engineer so I read all the technical specifications, did the maths and installed it with a Techflange in the cylinder, etc. Pump is only required to boost to the bathroom shower and sink/bath taps.
Worked a treat, as I said, for 3 years. Got a call this week from the guests: Shower not working and flow from taps is poor. Yep, I confirmed the pump was operating intermittently also seemed a bit noisier than usual. Got the pump out and stripped it down to investigate. What a mess! One impeller had just about disintegrated and welded chunks of itself to the housing and the other was suspiciously following the path to the same death rattle.
Bummer. Out of warranty! So ordered new impellers from Salamander. While waiting for these, I thought I'd check the filters in taps and shower mixer valve. Plastic particles everywhere! (If anyone knows how to get the filters out of a JT Thermostatic Shower valve for proper cleaning, I'd like to hear from you.)
Now this is the interesting bit. The replacement impeller from Salamander has an obvious manufacturing fault. I'd guess it has been manufactured by ultrasonic welding the two injection moulded halves together. But it's not a good weld over all the impeller vanes. In fact, I could slide a piece of paper half an inch between one or two of the vanes that are supposed to be solidly welded. No point fitting defective components. I called Salamander and they're sending me two more. Not holding my breath for a fix here."

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