Heated Bathroom Mirror

29 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
I\\\'m hoping someone can help me. I have bought a heated mirror pad that sticks on to the back of a mirror and prevents it steaming up. I intend to use this on a mirror which will be permanently screwed to my bathroom wall. The instructions say that the best thing to do is to take a spur from the existing lighting in the bathroom so that when the light is on, the mirror pad comes on.

The question I have is: Is it ok for me to simply run some 1.5mm cable connected to the mirror pad behind the mirror and piggyback this on to the existing light fitting - (obviously fed through the ceiling rafters so all cables will be hidden.
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What a silly way to wire it, does that mean you have to leave the light on, or are they assuming you only steam up in the winter.

Wire it so you ahave control over it maybe on a delayed time off would be a good idea also.
Can you tell us the wattage of this thing please?

I'd wire it via a SFCU, located in zone 3, or out of zones, if its less than *plucks fiquare from air* say 200w, I'd probably put it on the lighting circuit.

You should make sure your supplimentry bonding is existant/appropiate, if this is going on the light circuit, and the bonding is upto scratch, then no additional bonding should be neccesary, because all electrical circuit's will be bonded to other services where they enter the bathroom, but if you take a another circuit into the bathroom, or your current bonding is not up to standard, then bonding work will have to be done as well.

Also are you aware of the legal position of this work, with regards to part p of the building regs, I personally couldn't care less if you just ignored it (as long as you do the work safely), but I feel it would be wise of me to make sure you are aware of its existance.
I would be worried how you connect the T+E to the flex that is factory fitted to the pad - no room for a joint, and the flex's are never long enough to reach ceiling height (and the loft).

These things are not juicy, and are usually fine on a lighting circuit, and demist the mirror VERY quickly. If your fan is on the lighting circuit, I see no problem witht he mirror being on it either. Lets face it, if you put it on a seperate switch, it will always be on....... :LOL:
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Thanks - so are you saying I just wire it in to the back of the ceiling rose then - no need for a switch?
BenC said:
Thanks - so are you saying I just wire it in to the back of the ceiling rose then - no need for a switch?

tell us the wattage and we will tell you.
Sorry, the wattage varies on the size of the pad - but I know for sure that it is under 144w.
sounds perfectly ok to put it on a lighting cuircuit then unless the cuircuit is already neer its limits.

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