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8 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom

Does anyone know whether the flues for the Heatline Condensing Combi Gas Boiler C24 HE/c28HE also are compatible with the B&Q Heatline Vizo?

They only sell the horizontal flue in B&Q and I need a vertical kit.

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no idea as I would rather cut my left testicle off than work on anything a shed would sell

The Heatline is quite a nice economic boiler and I am happy to repair them anytime.

I expect that they are the same but do ask the EXACT question to their technical team on 0870 777 8318 or by email from their web site www.heatline.co.uk

well all hail you matey

I wouldnot cos chances are that the chap who fitted it didnt know his arse from his elbow
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corgiman said:
well all hail you matey

I wouldnot cos chances are that the chap who fitted it didnt know his a**e from his elbow

Well I hope he does, i'll make sure he's corgi registered. Tempted to buy 2 and keep one that can be canabalised if any faults occur. Bound to be cheaper than buying parts seperately. Sheds sell some good boilers and if you weren't willing to fit it you would obviously lose out financially. So comments like that don't do you any favours.

Thanks Tony
Try asking B&Q if they can order a vertical flue, I expect that they can.

You are wasting your money buying a second boiler.

As long as you fit it correctly on a spotlessly clean system then it will be as reliable as a Vaillant boiler.

It has a Grunfoss pump and they are usually considered to be the best make!

Heatline Vizo's are flying off the shelves at BNFNQ just like the Ravenheats used to. Most of them aren't even out of guarantee yet. I have seen loads of them when doing LGSC's most of them badly fitted by Polish plumbers who don't understand the instructions. Up to now I havent seen one with a fault that can be attributed to the manufacturer. The inherent faults will show themselves in time but as yet I cant say a bad word about them. I am told that the spares are very expensive so the idea about buying two may yet prove to be a good one.

Two tips when fitting them

Make sure you tighten the PRV pipe inside the boiler before you hang it because when it is on the wall you cant get near it.

Make sure the Red flow valve is on the left and the Blue return valve is on the right. There's a filter in the return which is there to pull the crÁp out before it gets into the boiler.
Ok cool, good advice there. I'll ring them and ask about spare prices for things such as PCB's, diverter valves, heat exchangers. These always generally over shadow the original complete unit cost. Just thought it would be an idea to buy two considering I can get them for £315 inc vat.

All depends on component prices I guess. Will also find out about frost protection because it is going in a loft. Although, my loft isn't that cold anyway during winter. ;)
£315 inc VAt !! - are you sure this is the condensing version ?

I have only fitted one Vizo about six months ago - customer bought it - system was chemical cleaned prior to fitting. Time will tell about reliability.
gastight said:
£315 inc VAt !! - are you sure this is the condensing version ?

That's what I thought. The B&Q site won't even admit to selling them so I cannot see the price, but I would assume that this is without the flue.

I fitted a few of the C24 version and thought they were OK except for the condensate connection.
Yeah, it's the VIZO 24KW B rated condenser and it is £350 now inc vat. My girlfriends grandad is going to buy it so he can get 10% off (pensioner discount) so it comes down to £315.

It is without the flue. I need to get a vertical flue and angle flashing plate. these will increase price to about £400 all in. ;)
Am i right in thinking that to meet building regs I would require a basic combi room thermostat. no trv on radiator in the same room. But TRV's everywhere else?

Is that right? I don't need to buy a programmer/timer do i?
the vizo has a mechanical timer. One of those confusing looking things that looks like a tachograph. There is no digital programmer though.


Like one of these but built in.
The C24 Heatline has built in frost protection and interestingly a connection for external temperature sensing ! If thats used it can increase the efficiency by up to about 5%.

The slight problem is that I cannot tell if the Vizo which is a B&Q badged model is absolutely exactly the same. I would expect it to be the same inside but cannot be sure.

There is nothing I can see in the very good design and manufacture quality which would make me expect it to be anything other than very reliable.

These cheaper boilers always suffer from the problem that they are usually fitted by non British and non CORGI installers and that always means they get an unjustified reputation for unreliability.

The plain fact is they are the choice of anyone who wants to do a cheap job. Nobody is going to pay us £840 for the installation of a boiler which only cost them £315.

This means the legitimate CORGI engineers never fit them and only hear of the problems resulting from unregistered installers.


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