Help advice on how to turn a handrail around wall

1 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi, I will installing a handrail and spindles on part of my staircase (lower half only ) but the handrail will go the whole length of the stairs as you would expect.

I need to turn the hand rail in an s shape as it comes down the upper part of the wall and meets the spindles on the exposed side as you come down.

I have enclosed some pictures to help. The handrail will be a pine handrail as per pic enclosed with a matching grooved baserail which i intend to fix to the side of the stairs you see in pic, again only the lower half.

Because the top part of the handrail needs to be slightly off the wall (to get hand comfortably around it) it will not line up with the baserail, which will be offset to the right as the spindles come down. So i need to bend / turn the handrail. spindles will be 41mm traditional style.

I can only find 45% turns online and the only s turn for a handrail was on an American site.

Has anyone had to do this or can give some advice please. Would i need to join two 45% parts?

Many thanks



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Unless you can find standard components in a catalogue such as the Jackson Woodturners, Stair Parts Direct or Richard Burbidge one you'll find it unrealistically expensive to get a wreathed handrail made to non-standard goings or corners as the amount of labour involved in producing them makes them too expensive for all but the grandest of houses and deepest of pockets. To giove you an idea of the problem, there is one power tool manufacturer in Germany, called Scheer, who make a handrail wreathing router at a price of circa £10k - other than that you either need to find a 3D CNC specialist with a 5-axis machine or you ned a traditional joinery shop who have the necessary skills. Both are few and far between
Hi 'JobAndKnock' thanks for the reply, i kept trawling online and came across this image

It's very similar to what i need. I have an decent size offcut from the last handrail i fitted (new one will be the same) I may have to practice some angles with that and hope i can work out the correct turn or come up with an alternative plan for this staircase!


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Hi, thanks for the pic, yes I would..... only my lovely wife want a dado rail around the hallway and up the stairs. I didn't think it looked right having the dado going up the stairs and a handrail alongside it so was trying to achieve one handrail on the right hand side only as you look up the stairs leaving the other side free. Hallwaywill be painted two different colors above / below the dado rail
Still helpful though, the pic of that hallway is exactly the same as my layout.
do as above,and think about fitting some pigs ear to the wall side,returning the dado on itself at the top and bottom.
The dog leg works because it's an open staircase, but yours has to go to the ceiling. I suspect you need to forgo and handrail at the top part of the stairs, or just have it stopping where the other hand rail starts - and I'm not sure you'd be happy with that.

What about forgoing the base rail, and setting the spindles directly on to the stairs, in line with the top handrail.
Greggers and Doggit, thank you for both suggestions which are very helpful. I think i may well install the spindles on the stairs. Have a great weekend to all.

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