STAIRS: Wobbly newel posts, handrail & spindle removal

20 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
STAIRS: Fixing wobbly newel posts, handrail & spindle removal.

On my stairs (house built 1990 standard straight flight of stairs with one newel post at the top, one at the bottom with a handrail & spindles between them) the handrail is very wobbly ...... the newel posts, particularly the one at the top of the stairs wobbles (approximately 2 inches side to side!). Also some of the spindles are loose and the base rail appears to rock.

1. Any thoughts or ideas on how I can remove or fix my newel posts ?
[Having looked I cannot see any obvious methods of them being fixed in place ( e.g. dowels etc.) ]

Also while undertaking this I plan to refurbish the balustrades & handrail which will need to be removed as some parts are very close to a wall so can't access to rub down, paint etc. So .....

2. How can I remove the handrail which is connected to the newel posts at each end?
3. How can I remove the spindles?
(can these be removed without removing the handrail if required, by some how removing some of the spacers between the spindless. Would this then give me enough room to slide and be able to remove the spindles?)

Any help, pointers or advice on this gratefully received ... Thanks
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the words glue, clamp, screw, mortice and tenon, were obviously alien to whoever fitted your newell/handrail/spindle arrangement.

if everything is as loose as you say it is then take the lot down and either re-build existing or replace..................professionally.
Whoa there are quite a lot of questions here :eek:. It's hard not knowing where to begin, but I'll try:

2. How can I remove the handrail which is connected to the newel posts at each end?

Use a panel saw and cut the handrail in half. I'm pretty certain you'll be able to snap it out of the newel posts :). If there are no signs of mortice and tenon joints, then it's quite possible that concealed nails were used and this is probably why the parts are wobbly. If the hand rail is close to wall, you'll have to saw at an angle and prise/ lever it away.

3. How can I remove the balustrades?

You mean the balusters? The array of timber sticks? :) I can only think they are held in at the sides by small nails. Again these will be hidden under the layers of paint. Sorry, I'm not sure how you'll remove these so I can't really help you there. All I can advise is that you need to observe carefully and determine where the fixings are before anything can be done. Or you can remove the whole lot and start again. As long as you know about the construction of the building, shouldn't be too difficult to replace the stairs ;).

Good luck :).
Thanks for your responses gents ..... looks like it's a case of take it all a part and start again then !
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looks like it's a case of take it all a part and start again then !

I think that is the (stair)case... :LOL: sorry just my silly sense of humour :rolleyes:.

Thanks for your responses gents

You're welcome :).
I am a staircase builder I am sure if you attaché some pitchers of your existing staircase I can help you

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