Help identifying kitchen worktop

5 Feb 2024
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Hello and nice to meet you.
I am trying to fix some burns from the worktop but i would like to be sure for
its type. I have uploaded two photos. Let me know if you need better photos.
Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much for replying!
I suppose you want me to remove the screws in the following picture.

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Thanks for replying!
Can i use a wax stick filler as a cheaper solution?
And for removing the brown color(burned) to use a toothpaste or some other solution?
It will constantly break around the edges of the burn, might as well bite the bullet and replace the whole thing.
"milliput" might buy you a few months more use out of the worksurface, wax sticks a few days.
£10 or so for a milliput pack, that will buy you a metre of so of worktop to splice in...
Thanks for replying.
By milliput pack you mean something like that ?
What do you mean that it will buy me a metre ? Two burns are half a centimeter and the other one 1.5 almost. I suppose i don't understand it correctly.
Moreover I don't understand why different videos propose wax sticks(i believe what you are saying about lasting a few days).
Finally to be clear. The best solution is to replace the whole worktop right ? It sounds really crazy but i suppose this is the best solution.
Thanks again.
On a kitchen worktop with constant hot and cold then cleaning, a wax stick will not last. also look up the price per metre of cheap worktop, then compare to the price of buying a whole pack of milliput that you will keep most of in a drawer for the next 10
You could use a circular saw to remove a 1 meter slice of worktop for almost the same price as your pack of milliput in white, I have some and after 20 years I still have most of the sticks, but it does not seem to fully set any more...

Wax sticks work for a french polish finish as that is always cleaned with care and not so frequently. you can peel fragments off a wax stick with your finger nail, no knife required, how well will that stay on a busy kitchen surface.
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Do you mean that i can buy a slice of worktop(that matches mine) and then cut the burnt area(a square) and replace it with the new one?
Of course this needs a carpenter. Am i right ?
I will try the white milliput solution as you have advised me.
I suppose this is the thing that i have to buy
Thanks again!
yes, superfine white is a good one to get, it is a two part epoxy. Try and clean the knife you use to cut a bit off between cutting each stick, or it might get a crust on the end. you can burnish it when nearly set to get it shinier too.

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